Thursday, May 01, 2014

NFP Classes in my backyard all week.

The rabbits.

Seriously - they just don't quit.

As long as they are open to life,
It's all good.


  1. ......>>>.....LOL....and a happy St. Joseph the Worker's feast-day today, Terry. I remember reading st. Teresa wrote st. Joseph always answered her prayers with great blessings and favours, ESPECIALLY on any of his feast-days. If she said that, I believe it!!.. God bless you and ALL yr. readers.

  2. I bet they use the rhythm method.

  3. You need a little terrier to keep them in check! They think baby bunnies make really, really good treats...(I know, its disgusting but nature can be ugly.)

  4. There can never be too many baby bunnies -- unless of course you are a gardener in which case, there can be too many bunnies, too many deer, too many groundhogs, etc. And for that matter, too many tomato bugs! Last year the deer ate the tops off all my lilies -- nice colorful salad. I hope they find something they like better this year.


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