Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This happened in front of children!

The children were horrified and traumatized.


Terrified children fleeing St. Peter's Square.


  1. Grow up on a farm and lots of worse stuff happens.
    Just say'n'.

    1. We had horses and when I was 10 years old, I watched in shock, as our Appaloosa kicked our beloved Spotty (a then feisty Chihuahua) clear across the stable to his death.

      Yes, Fr., stuff happens.

  2. Wow Yaya..you get the feel good post of the day!☺ : )

    Kids today are soft..they can't even take it at Halloween if they ring your door bell and you jump out at them dressed as Jason swinging a bloody axe!

  3. Last year we endured a six week period where a group of crows continuously attacked the windshield wipers of our vehicles. As soon as I would park my truck in the driveway, they'd swoop down and start ripping apart the rubber inserts. My husband had to buy three sets of wiper blade for his Prius during a six week period. When we asked neighbors if they had a similar problem with crows, they looked at us like we were nuts.We tried covering the hoods of our vehicles with tarps and towels but the crows would manage to remove them. This behavior stopped just as abruptly, although we still have crows around.

  4. Crows are like that.


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