"Are we prepared to promote conditions in which the living contact with God can be reestablished? For our lives today have become godless to the point of complete vacuity. God is no longer with us in the conscious sense of the word. He is denied, ignored, excluded from every claim to have a part in our daily life." - Alfred Delp, S.J.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Bad Omen

Song for this post here.


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    2. That lends itself to superstition? Perhaps... ;p
      My bad was no edit button. ^^ Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

  2. birds have to eat too... it could be a sign of the peaceful meal (new evangalizatin?) to come after turbulence... or just a bad omen, heres hoping for the best!

  3. The attack looks demonic to me.

  4. One commentator on Ms. Schiffer's blog claims this has happened before. They claim if happened a year ago,in fact.



  5. Those look like a crow and a seagull attacking the dove, right? And I remember my husband commenting to me a long-time ago that when one hears a crow "cawing", we should "be on the alert" as something very pleasant or nasty may happen. So I believed it might be some sort of a superstition or an "old-wife's tale" until I happened to see a picture or holy-card of an St. Expeditus, where he is stepping on crow with his right foot and where the crow is holding a sign in his beak with the word "gras" (translates from Latin to, "fatty, oily, greasy" or also, "course, vulgar". St. Expiditus is holding a Cross with the word "hodie" seen on it, (translates to "today"). You might imagine my surprise in finding that painting after being told to "beware" when hearing a crow's caw!! In any case, it might very well be a bad-omen, though I can't imagine what it might mean, except to be always alert and praying, you know? Thanks for the post and God bless, Terry and ALL your readers and loved ones..

  6. Or simply a reminder to trust in Providence...
    Luke 12 : 22-32

  7. It's very disturbing. Pray for peace.

  8. Off topic, I'm sorry...

    I was thinking about your post on the Beatles from a little while back. I sometimes read sites by self-proclaimed Traditionalists and while I appreciate and agree with them regarding the influence music can have on us (for instance, it can inspire in us a nostalgia for our more 'sinful' days, clinging to those sins to some degree still as we sometimes do), I can't shake the idea that some of them, from the Liturgy down to their reading, are playing the "Look How Catholic I Am" game. They're doing their Faith, you know, constantly taking stock of their perfection from their Traditionalist standards.

    I think they miss a portion of life if that's all that it is.

  9. It was just a bad omen for me I guess - I slipped and fell on the ice at the store and banged myself up pretty good - I don't think there are any broken bones though.

    Life is short.

    1. Take the rest of the day off...a nice cup of hot tea, a fresh baked scone, snow, softly falling upon the grass and the sweet silence...you deserve it!

      The CNS blog has a good article on what happens when those beautiful doves are released:


      Reminded me of a wonderful and sweet Canary that I rescued around four years ago...a caregiver of a client was going to just release it in the wild. That precious little singer would not have lasted the night. She gave it to me after I asked her if I could have it. We were together for four years before he sang his last...our awesome God makes the most wonderful creatures. ^^

  10. The problem with releasing doves...

  11. That was going to be my next post - all about cruelty to animals.

  12. Those 2 comments are so true and "realistic", bg, just perfect. Thanks and God bless..


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