Friday, January 31, 2014

Portents of Woe

Flying Dragons. (A prophecy of the Wizard of Oz)

Renaissance Art of the End Times.

Stunning illustrations which appear almost modern, documenting cataclysmic events as indications of the End Times.  I've updated the captions to show how the images were in all probability prophecies for our times of tribulation and woe.

Smelly Beast of Gender-Queerness

All are made drunk from the cup of the whore of Babylon.

The Two Popes.

Winter in Minneapolis.

The Great Earthquakes to strike the U.S. any day now.

The Antichrist revealed:  Big Flamer

H/T to my friend Byron for the link.


  1. wow, I love those "freaky", colorful paintings, Terry. Cannot wait to read about them, etc. Thanks for posting them!! And a very Happy Chinese New Year today to you, today. It begins today and is supposed to be celebrated for fifteen days. It's the "year of the horse". It's somewhat a bit special to me as we have some Chinese ancestors on my mother's side. God bless you always and all yr. readers here..

  2. Hilarious. Especially since tomorrow night I'm bringing dinner to the place and watching the Wizard of Oz with my mom, after which we'll switch to the Timberwolves who should be near the end of the first quarter by then. Love the antichrist as flamer. And the illustration of Minneapolis in Winter; it captures this winter perfectly!

  3. Wow! These would make great calendar art.


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