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The Development of Doctrine and Forming a Synthesis of Homosexuality ...


Locating The Missing Myth.

Which is the title of a new book by Giles Herrada, PhD.
Gilles Herrada, PhD, worked as a research scientist at Columbia and Harvard universities in the fields of reproductive biology and neuroscience. He now dedicates his time to understanding human sexuality and the evolution of symbolic realities in human cultures.
The “missing myth” needs to be invented.

 The gay Catholic movement* - new homophiles ;) - may be way ahead of Dr. Herrada, if not in sync.  Not that it's necessarily a bad thing - except when people claim medieval mystics were gay and the authors of a gay spirituality.**  But that's an old post.

The Missing Myth is an interesting study - I've only read reviews and excerpts so far, but I'm certain it will be helpful to those interested in contributing to the development of doctrine as it applies to Catholic moral teaching on homosexuality, as well as for those interested in developing a new mythology of homosexuality.

There are 9 controversial claims in The Missing Myth ...  (My comments in red.)
1 Biological and anthropological data do not support the existence of a “gay” gene but are consistent with the existence of a complex biological mechanism (the “loose switch”) responsible for generating the spectrum of sexual preferences that we observe among people.

2 Homosexual behavior has provided a startling evolutionary advantage by reinforcing social bonds and strengthening the coherence of the group.

3 The claim that homosexual can’t or don’t reproduce is inaccurate: historically speaking homosexual desire never was regarded as incompatible with the duty of reproduction; and even today many homosexuals would reproduce if only society would let them invent a new kind of family that is not based on the heterosexual model. - That's happening now. 

4 The way homosexual acts, love, and desire are represented in the myths of a particular culture constitutes the only trustworthy indicator of whether homosexual relationships are integrated or not in this culture.

5 Diverging from all other religious traditions, Judeo-Christianity is singularized by the total lack of positive depiction of homosexual love and desire in its mythos. - That's because homosexual behavior is a sin.

6 Today homosexual love still lacks a connection to the “sacred”. - I wonder why?  I'm being facetious of course.  Not to worry however, gay Catholics are developing a queer spirituality .

7 Modern homosexuality, which differs dramatically from all ancient forms of homosexual relationships, has evolved so as to largely embodies the modern Christian relational ideal, a fact that neither the Church nor gay theorists appear willing to acknowledge.  - Not true - gay Catholics are hard at it.

8 Ironically the strong homophobic character of Judeo-Christian culture created the evolutionary context that made the emergence of modern homosexuality possible. - I blame the Cistercians, Aelred and Bernard.**  Evidently their mysticism is very adaptable to LGBTQ sensitivities.  What?  Facetious again.

9 The greatest evolutionary puzzle about the human species is not homosexuality but menopause: most women past 50—nearly a quarter of the female population—cannot reproduce. - Source

 “What is the new mythology to be, the mythology of this unified earth as one harmonious whole?”  - Joseph Campbell.

*My apologies for depending upon labels, but I have no other choice when it comes to this subject.


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