Thursday, January 02, 2014

On January 2

St. Therese and St. Seraphim.

Little Therese was born.

And... Seraphim Sarovski died.

Little teeny souls,

Make great saints.



  1. Will you write something about Seraphim Sarovski? I don't know anything about him. And thank you for the reminder about St. Therese birthday. I searched my garden and found one little flower that wasn't wilted for a present for under her icon. She looks happy.

  2. Pat, copy and paste the following in your browser:

    1. "The soul speaks and converses during prayer, but at the descent of the Holy Spirit we must remain in complete silence, in order to hear clearly and intelligibly all the words of eternal life which he will then deign to communicate. " There are treasures in that link! Thank you, know where the treasures are buried!


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