Sunday, December 29, 2013

5th Day of Christmas

A simple year.

Evidence of Christmas at Dogwood Cottage...

This year I didn't do a tree - just candles in the windows and random splashes of décor.  It was very hidden and monastic, all of it confined to the 'enclosure'.  Guests do not even get to see it.

Today is Gabby's birthday BTW!  She had salmon and got a lambs wool mouse stuffed with catnip. 

Merry 5th Day of Christmas!

The reason why there couldn't be a tree.
(The garland had to be raised a cat-length higher.)
The Von Baer brothers taking refuge from Gabby
at her birthday party.
The Rabbitowitz's were invited, but unable to attend.
The Infant Jesus with his friends and some of his toys.
(A little kitty and bear from Austria.)
Kitchen nicho.
The enclosure shrine.
No Christmas trim however.


  1. Your monastic enclosure is so very beautiful. Looks peaceful, prayer inspiring. A good refuge to seek when one craves silence and contemplation. You are fortunate to live in such an array of prayerful beauty.

    Happy birthday to your beautiful gatita...may she reign supreme in your fine abode. ^^

  2. Happy Birthday, Gabby!

  3. Happy Birthday Gabby and Blessed Christmas time to you Mr. Nelson!

  4. Gabby is so cute. :)

  5. The wreath around the Baby Jesus is beautiful. Looks like a beautiful, peaceful place to just pray and meditate in, too!! Christmas is the most wonderful-time of the year, no doubt about it. God bless!

  6. What sublime, serene beauty! Many blessings to you and to Gabby. May she have a long, healthy life. Our sweet kitty, Hildy, is sick, and I can thing about little else.


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