Sunday, January 12, 2014

Rev. Fabrizio De Michino

A priest faithful to the Pope.
The Rev. Fabrizio De Michino was born in Naples on 8 September 1982. Nearly 3,000 people gathered in Ponticelli to bid him a final farewell at the Basilica of Our Lady of the Snows, where he served as a parochial vicar. Fr. Fabrizio suffered greatly in his last few months, which he lived with great faith and with strength of mind. He always had a smile and words of comfort for his family and friends, who were with him until the very end.
Read Fr. Fabrizio's letter to Pope Francis here.

Thanks to Yaya for the story.


  1. The beauty of Fr. Fabrizio is the joy and hope he shared not only with Pope Francis but with the rest of us. I have read that letter at least three times and it moves me to tears every time.

    To face one's mortality with such love for our Lord and His Church. To offer one's self for another, well, I know I will benefit from his heroic faith.

    I will be remembering Fr. Fabrizio in my prayers and asking him to remember those whom I love in his.

    I sense he is happy and in peace. Gracias Diosito Santo!

  2. A great inspiration and example.May Fr. Frabrizio interceed for all of us priests who are in great need of God's grace and strength.
    Fr.John Mary


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