Thursday, January 16, 2014

Downton Abbey ...

Alex's dad Phil.  Nan reminds me of Alex.

Not interested.

I watched Modern Family instead of Downton.  Yes, that's right - because it is so classy.  Wouldn't you love it if your dad thought so highly of you he'd compare you to a self-cleaning oven?  My heart swelled with emotion.  BTW - Attention modern Calvinists, there is no sex in Modern Family.*

Downton Abbey has hit the wall for me.  No more Matthew, no more O'Brien - boring.  (O'Brien was such a compassionate character.)  It's all about sluts this season.

I'm against it.


* Oh look!  I'm Kat!


  1. We're still trying to finish season two. I have a hard time sitting still to watch almost anything.

    1. That is because you need to Ballroom Dance through the house.

    2. Good point, Terry.

  2. I also would take Modern Family over Downtown Abbey any day of the week !!!!

    1. I'm surprised I made it through the first episode of season 4.

  3. I'm the other way Downton Abbey, ignore tv shows altogether.

    Matthew and Sybil are missed but sour-dour O'Brien is not. ;p

    Now, I will watch P.D. James homage to Pride and Prejudice:

    "Death Comes to Pemberley"

  4. Are you kidding me? The normalization of dysfunction celebrated on Modern Family is so disturbing. "Oh look, Ralph, that same sex couple is just like us, only funnier." Ugh.
    As for Downton, try episode 2 of season 4- much more intersting.

  5. But we ARE just like you, only funnier!!!

    I actually find the gay couple as stereotypes but so is everyone on the show, from the hot headed latina, to the befuddled father, to the know it all wife, but its a comedy, they pull it off and its funny.

    Terry, I can't believe you are't watching "American Horror Story," this year. Those crazy broads are chewing up the scenery and its very nihilistic and dark and the plot has holes in it big enough for Voris's ego (ha, ha, just kidding) but the one liners are great, it has a New Orleans setting and Angela Basset is smoking hot..


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