Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January - A month for hermits...

Today is the feast of St. Paul the Hermit, as well as St. John the Calabyte (hut-dweller).

Yesterday was the feast of the Martyr Hermits of Sinai, and in two days, we have the feast of St. Antony abbot.

The life of St. John Calabyte has similarities to that of St. Alexis.


  1. In the Northern Hemisphere where it is now Winter, and we don't go out unless we have to, a month of hermits seems appropriate. In the Southern Hemisphere, where it is now Summer and beach season, not so much.

    Terry, back in 2011 the Post ran this photo. Surprised you never used it.
    Dominicans on 15th ST NW, just past the White House.

  2. The link doesn't work for me E.

    I wish I was in the So. hemisphere though.


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