Thursday, January 16, 2014

NYTimes reports on the Jesuit spies trailing prelates in fur trimmed cappas...

I know!

Interviews with cardinals, bishops, priests, Vatican officials, Italian politicians, diplomats and analysts indicate that the mood inside the Vatican ranges from adulation to uncertainty to deep anxiety, even a touch of paranoia. Several people say they fear Francis is going department by department looking for heads to roll. Others whisper about six mysterious Jesuit spies who act as the pope’s eyes and ears on the Vatican grounds. Mostly, once-powerful officials feel out of the loop. - NYT

H/T Fr. Martin SJ


  1. I read this article the other day..its very interesting. A lot of things I didnt know or think about (like the Italian monopoly on the Vatican..though they only make up 3 percent of the Catholic population, and that Vatican employees have employment for life and can hand it down the generations. Sounds like a very dysfunctional organization.

    "Meek," Francis and his "Church of Nice," style is surely, quietly and forcefully making a lot of people nervous. The iron fist in the velvet glove is what I think of him.

  2. I think the basic problem is that he's unpredictable. They dont' know what to do.

    1. If they "don't know what to so'" they should start here and pay close attention while they are at it.

  3. Predictable was no longer working. Folks had grown old, fat, complacent. The merciful Lord looked down from heaven, saw his many neglected children in need and decided it was time to "shake things up."

    I look forward to more of what's to come praying the whole time Papa Francis will weather the storm all for the greater glory of God!


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