Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Hello young Poodles!

Quick update!

I've been so busy painting and I wanted to see how long I could stay offline.  Then last night I had a dream about Fr. Z and he told me how much he missed my repartee and was asking folks what happened to me.  So I decided I'd stop on by and sing you a little song to let you know all is well - I'm painting a crazy painting - the worst painting of my life - Little Freak would love it.

Oh! Oh!  It's Cathy's birthday today!  Happy birthday Cathy.

So.  I haven't checked emails, caught any news save network news, I don't know what is happening in the world.  I haven't answered the phone or talked to anyone but the cat.  I'm crazy painting.  No drugs, no alcohol, barely eating... crazy painting.  Praying numerous rosaries too.

Does this make sense?

The painting is intense because there are numerous figures and they take time - I'm laying in the background and figures and then have to go back to detail clothes, etc.  Then - when all of that is complete - I want to glaze and shadow - but I'm not good at that and so I'm getting a little freaked too...  And then.  And then...  and then I start thinking it's all a waste of time and I'm afraid I might burn it when I'm done and I think maybe Fr. Z doesn't care that I'm online or offline. 


BTW - I just went through my Reader stuff and skimmed a few news portals - looks like I missed a lot of nuthin'.



  1. That's wonderful you are "crazy" painting and praying numerous Rosaries and yes, all you said makes perfect sense, cause you are an "artiste". Makes perfect sense, yes and God bless! Mrs. RosaMaria W. Arrojo.

  2. I was starting to worry there for a bit but I'm glad you were busy doing something you enjoy and not offline because you're suffering from some crud with a fever. You were missed :)

  3. Yes! Makes perfect sense to me. Food and sleep are optional when I paint as well... So get back to work! Just show us when you are done, pleeeease!

  4. Glad you came back! Did you hear about those girls who were rescued in Cleveland?

  5. Good thing I didn't call you. I'd have thought you'd been abducted by a pack of crazed poodles.

  6. Elena - I did hear about it - unbelievable. I hope they recover their ordeal. I also hope that others who have been missing may find freedom.


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