Friday, May 10, 2013

In historic vote... Minnesota House... approves gay marriage bill...

Packed capitol full of emotion on both sides...

I kept thinking, "No, there's no gay agenda."  Did you ever hear that?  There are even funny photos online about the supposed 'gay agenda' thingie - making fun of right-wing-nuts who suggest such an evil conspiracy theory in the first place.  "No - there's no gay agenda... my ass."
The vote comes just six months after Minnesota voters defeated a proposal to constitutionally ban same-sex marriage. The sharp divisions remaining within the state were evident in a Star Tribune Minnesota Poll two months ago that showed a majority of Minnesotans still opposed to lifting the legal ban on gay marriage. - StaTribune

An agenda emotionally charged and well funded.

Minnesota for Marriage has one registered lobbyist. According to John Helmberger, Chairman of the Minnesota for Marriage, the other side has 12 lobbyists. Paul Singer's organization pumped a quarter million dollars to lobby Republicans to redefine marriage in Minnesota. - When you say 'gay marriage is inevitable'...
 Gay people have a lot of money and the agenda is very well funded.

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  1. Why am I not surprised?

  2. They'll tell you that you can't legislate morality so why do they think you can legislate sins away? Calling their unions marriage isn't going to change the fact that their sexual expression is still sin that cries out to heaven.

  3. Terry: You might be interested in hearing an interview by Jennifer Roback Morse on this topic on Issues ETC.

  4. It makes me want to crawl under the bed. I feel so sorry for Catholic parents raising their children today. I pray hard for my five adult children, their spouses, and our 21 grandchildren. Protect their innocence, Lord!

  5. T - I read that interview - I think both Mary Ann and fr. Z posted on it as well. I may hi-light it again here - esp. since tomorrow the State Senate votes on legalizing gay marriage for Minnesota.

    Mary Ann - exactly!

  6. Terry: The link is to a radio segment that Dr. Morse did for Issues Etc, a talk radio program on Lutheran Public Radio.It wasn't an interview; she is a frequent guest on the show and comments on various topics.

    You might want to give the segment a listen. I'm not sure what interview you are referring to in your response.

  7. Sorry T - I misread. I'll try to find your link - for some reason the link you left didn't work for me. I'll Google Dr. Morse.

    I did a post on the issue I thought you were linking to.


  8. Sorry about the link, Terry.
    Yes, it's basically what Dr. Morse was talking about, along with Masha Geeson's comments about her own situation [3 children, 5 parents]. A really bizarre set-up.

    If you want to hear it, go to then click Listen, then On Demand Archives, and the scroll down until you see the segment. It aired on May 9.


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