Saturday, May 11, 2013

I read a funny post today...

A couple of weeks ago I got involved in a group email.  (Never get into that!)  I'm not on Facebook or Twitter - for a reason...  I don't do forums or chat rooms - for a reason.  I won't be doing group emails ever again, for the same reason.  As in any live conversation you say too much, say things you shouldn't, and get caught up in the negative flow - the difference is - it's in print. 

Everyone is diminished in that kind of exercise - every one.

Anyway - I read a funny post involving one of the participants of that group email.  It's a transcript of his conversation with a Facebook commenter who objected to something the other said.  I wish I could link to it, but the blog owner doesn't want any association with me.  It is a very funny post however. 

If only we could undo some of the things we say and tweet.



  1. I've dropped off Facebook several times for just that reason. I only stay on now to see family photos and have a Les Femmes page. I've see a lot of relationships damaged with thoughtless comments.

  2. Well Terry, as per Emily Dickinson, "we must be careful what we say. No bird resumes its egg".

    Live and learn. Get up, fall down, and get up again. On we go.


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