Monday, October 21, 2013

The Bishop of Limburg, Franz Peter Tebartz-van Elst...

Saw the Pope today:
“The meeting went well...”. This is all the Bishop of the German diocese of Limburg,  Franz Peter Tebartz-van Elst, had to say about his meeting with Francis this morning." - Source 
Reminds me of the story of a local priest who over a decade ago, upon his first assignment in a working class parish, renovated the rectory, installed a hot tub, and so on. He was relieved of his duties and sent away.  Though still a priest in this archdiocese, he teaches in another city these days.

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  1. "The Catholic Church in Germany is notoriously very rich"

    Just read that article and well, maybe the Bishop thought it would be okay since well, you know, they are " notoriously rich."

    Me thinks politics are in play as well...I pray Papa Francis will make a just and wise decision with regards to the Bishop of Limburg.

    While folks are being martyred for the faith in Syria and Egypt and Africa...everyone else has problems of the worldly scandals, sex (of every type) scandals, disobedience scandals, nuns wanting to be priests scandals...

    Lord Jesus, as painful as the purification process is and has been and will be, may it continue until you return in glory.
    Lord Jesus, I place my trust in you!

    1. Interesting you bring up the persecution of Christians - others are thinking of this:

  2. "...which have generated extra costs as the buildings are of historical value and therefore protected." Could be a legitimate answer. I know how expensive restoring old homes where I live is; can't imagine what it would be in Germany. But I'm sure there's more to the story (almost always is).

  3. Maybe he just didn't like the way his sheep smelled.


  4. DB - that is a good point - and when renovating - use the best materials if you can. It will be interesting how this unfolds because I too think there is more to this that what is known. The Bishop in question may be too conservative for them.

  5. Yaya - thanks - beautiful comment.

  6. The NYTs just reported that the bishop has been suspended, and the chief administrator forced into early retirement.
    How does one spend $20,000 on bathtub?

  7. E- I have a friend who just recently spent $10000- on a wing chair.

    Anyway - I wonder if the NYT's story is a new development? Terror in the curia!


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