Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mass Chat... Everybody is resigning.

Now Archbishop Emeritus Harry Flynn has resigned from the University of St. Thomas board of trustees, just a day or so after Fr. McDonough's resignation was announced, and little more than a week since Fr. Laird resigned his position as vicar general of the Archdiocese, and, and, and...

I read in Saturday's paper that a Boston firm may be under consideration to help restore confidence in the Archdiocese.  It doesn't look good.

I still think getting out of the chancery and offering public prayers and penance in reparation would do wonders for the Archbishop and his men, as well as the faithful of the Archdiocese.   


  1. Oh but isn't everything hunky dory with Cardinal O'Malley at the helm and St. Teddy in heaven praying?

  2. I think this is a painful time for all the priests. I did see Abp. one morning last week, lighting a candle at St. Peter's Chapel.


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