Monday, October 21, 2013

Pope Francis and Medjugorje

I can't wait for him to say something...

Did you know that representatives from Medjugorje were included at the Marian Day of Prayer and Pope Francis’ consecration of the world on October 12-13?
The representatives from Medjugorje were invited to be present though Medjugorje is still not offically recognized, neither as a shrine, nor as a place of apparitions. This did not happen to representatives from any other such place. Furthermore, the group were seated very close to the Pope on both days.
“It is noteworthy that among the Marian shrines officially recognized, like Fatima, Lourdes, Banneux, Guadalupe, etc., the Pope also wished for the presence of the representatives of Medjugorje! In fact, Medjugorje was the only Marian shrine unrecognized (or “not yet recognized”) among all these shrines with a glorious past!” - Source
I've been told the Holy Father has a photo of the famous image of Our Lady, associated with Medjugorje, on his Facebook page - posted since the Marian Day.

I await the decision of the Church on Medjugorje.


  1. That's just wrong, Terry! Saying "I'm told" isn't very good cover. You promised the judge to stop cyber-stalking the pope.


  2. Is there anyone other than pro Medjugorje people who are saying these things? And how do you know which is the official Pope Francis Facebook page? There are so many.

    At least two bishops have said there is nothing supernatural here. It's hard to believe that the Vatican will override that decision.

    1. I agree...I mean I watched the wonderful video on YouTube of Our Lady of Fatima's visit to Rome and no one said anything about Medjugorje. It sounds too fishy...just my humble hunch.

  3. Well, Terry, I can TELL you that photo used on this post is of Our Lady of Grace (in Tihaljina) and was taken on June 2, 2003 at 14:11:01 bst, using a Canon EOS D60 camera and 28-70mm lens used at 70mm.. Aperture set at 2.8 Shutter speed 1/60. ISO 100.

    Plastic crown removed and grey neutral background applied in photoshop. :)

    Pope’s invite to the Medjugorje parish to be part of the Marian Days of Prayer in Rome spoke loud and clear.

  4. C in B, I don't even get to Bishops; the alleged apparition spoke against the Bishop. The Blessed Mother would never do that. She told the servants at the Wedding Feast of Cana to "do whatever he tells you" and counseled obedience to St. Bernadette who was unjustly prevented from returning to the grotto.

  5. Somebody make a decision, quick, for Petessake, Frankly Scarlet, this whole thing gives me the whim-whams way more than that Franciscan priest you recently offered commentary on.

    I love the Internet. Everyone is an expert. Even me [ insert ROFLOL here].

  6. Hope this post does’t abuse you hospitality, Terry, but here is THE message from Medjugorje. We have to cut through all the hype and flak. It’s all such a distraction from the reality. :)

  7. Owen - I'm no expert. I just stir pots.

  8. bg - You are fine. I'm not sure it has been granted official shrine status as of this writing, but it is significant if indeed representatives had been invited and attended as the article I linked to stated.

    There will have to be some sort of official statement forthcoming eventually, since the investigation has moved beyond the diocesan stage. That is what I am looking forward to.

  9. Terry, I know. Sigh, it was your post r.r. that shattered my misconception about your expertise.

    I mean, if you were you were an expert you might spell the word the in all caps and consider that a kind of absolute affirmation of an authoritative position on well, whatever. Oh yes, and {wink}.

  10. Forgot to add - Fr. Z posted on an extraordinary miracle of healing at Medjugorje just a week or so ago.

  11. This latest Vatican Commission is really about shrine status and not so much about the apparitions and messages.

    Medjugorje WAS acknowledged as a shrine at national level by the Yugoslavia bishops’ conference in 1991, and for some years after that the parish referred to itself as the Shrine of the Queen of Peace, even on its documents.

    However when the YBC ceased to exist the question was raised as to whose jurisdiction does the shrine status come under? The Bosnia Herzegovina bishops conference was given the opportunity to address the anomaly but got nowhere and referred its commission back to Benedict and Rome. So the question is still unanswered.

    Shrine status was legitimately acknowledged by the YBC, so there is no reason why shrine status should not still exist in some form, but under whose jurisdiction.

    Benedict followed protocol and gave the BH bishops the opportunity to rectify the difficulty, but the Mostar bishop showed his hand before the commission was announced and so no progress was made.

    I don’t think Rome will attempt to force the local bishop to grant status at local level. The national conference washed its hands, so now the other alternative is status at international level. That may also bring its own problems for Rome.

    I see some sort of compromise being worked out on this, just to make sure that the tree producing so much good fruit is nurtured and taken care of, as well as the pastoral needs of visiting pilgrims.

    As I understand this decision has already been reached, It’s just a matter of time before an announcement is made. Hence the recent accommodation of the Medjugorje reps in Rome and other prepartions taking place in the village. :)

    1. ...i should say ..ignoratio elenchi @bg..the commission is appointed to study the apparitions..if shrine status is granted then...haec res vel silici possit lachrymas extundere ..for the Church....its great to see people are nourished by the sacraments at this place... but as Bonaventure might say..."Exemplum de simia, quae, quando plus ascendit, plus apparent posteriora eius."..for the Medjugorje crowd who seem to believe that somehow the Church will uphold standard consequentialism....quite a pity really....


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