Friday, August 23, 2013

Random Killings ...

An 89 year old man was murdered in Spokane the other day - a random assault by two black guys.  The victim, Delbert Belton died of his injuries in the hospital.

Three teenagers shot jogger, Chris Lane in the back this past week in Oklahoma - they were bored.

Three people were shot on Minneapolis' Northside yesterday - one victim was a toddler.  It was black on black violence.

Rage and murder... it's just a kiss away...


  1. Madness abounds...

    I can only wonder whether the way the media puts forth such stories or withholds them plays into the actions we are seeing more of now.

    But then again our problems seem so minimal as compared to those in Egypt that both the Coptic churches are facing now.

    What a time to live!


  3. There is plenty of white-on-white violence too, at least where I live there is. I don't really get the point of this post. Violence is violence and it is all terrible. And it has gone on for many centuries, not just the past couple of years.

    1. Don't I know there is white on white violence - as you say. Recently, a white dad was convicted for the deaths of his 3 little girls whose throats he slashed to get back at his wife. I'm quite aware of white on white violence. Are you trying to make this a race issue?

      But seriously Susan, you don't think the violence is getting worse these days? I do. The past several years senseless killings have been on the upswing - gang violence and random shootings are rampant in Minneapolis and esp. Chicago. Violence against gays is decried in media as well - NYC has seen an increase - possibly more so than what's been reported in Russia. My point in this post is that violence is happening, escalating in the United States. As it escalates, who knows if it will get to the level we see in Egypt and Syria.

      You seem content with that in saying, "Violence is violence and it is all terrible, and it has gone on for many centuries, not just the past couple of years."

      Really? You are that happy with the status quo?

      I don't get your comment Susan.


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