Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm not a good blogger...

When I'm cranky.

I've been frustrated reading other blogs, forgetting that we bloggers often work through our issues or concerns online - writing helps us think.

Of course, I'm also disturbed about world events -some are so very serious and calamitous - such as the atrocities in Egypt and Syria, every other concern pales in comparison.  I'm not a political guy - but some things going on in the world regarding lifestyle strike me as relatively unimportant when it comes to human life issues.  That's just me.  Although I'm convinced some people protest too much.

I came across a blog post yesterday, the author apparently trying to make sense of what the Catechism says about homosexuality.  Comparing changes from the first edition, as well as questioning accuracy concerning translation, and then even questioning what is meant by the word 'grave'.   Grave sin?  Mortal sin?  Evil?  Depraved?  Intrinsically disordered?  What?

How obtuse.

Art: Jared French, Study for Evasion.



  1. You're actually a great blogger. Or maybe rather a great thinker who has a blog.

    1. Thanks Patrick - that means a lot to me today.

    2. I mean it. I have learned so much and often take some silent solace because of your thoughts and integrity.

  2. I agree with Patrick. I have actually stopped reading most blogs but I always read what you write - your words feel like spiritual food for my soul.

  3. Hear, hear to Patrick and Jane. Even when we're weary God uses us for the good of His kingdom. Your post on shame finally cleared up an experience that's troubled me for a few years. My spiritual director at the time couldn't untangle it because he had some heterodox tendencies and so couldn't see the matter clearly. Thank you.

  4. Thanks very much, all of you.

  5. I love the tag at the bottom of this post "When Christ returns, only those with degress will be saved". You are too much. BTW, the photo of Martin Short with your plea not to call you but to write is hysterical. I can't remember the name of the character he played in that skit on SNL but I remember thinking it was pretty funny when I saw it. FWIW, I think yours is probably the most underrated of all the blogs that call themselves Catholic. You stand up for the faith but you do so without ridiculing and belittling those with whom you disagree. Keep plugging away Terry. God loves you and so do I.

  6. Ditto.
    I'm old and have up since 5 am and can't manage any eloquence but ditto. And I pray for you.

  7. What degrees? Theology? Crazy-ass Gender studies?

  8. You are an important person in my life and in the lives of others - partly because you are quite an eclectic thinker and you freely share this with us -
    Terry I know it is hard enough to be transparent with oneself, to say nothing of freely sharing that with others, but this seems to be your gift. and that is why 'those other bogs' wear me down and I too steer clear of them. how can we continue to wear disguises when we know Our Lord sees us, how comical.
    ah, and the whimsy ! thanks !

  9. I'm not good blogger either. Haven't blogged since late June. I know, everyone is upset about that, almost as much as me.

    So, no link?


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