Friday, August 09, 2013

NASA Discovers Gay Planet!

The pink planet orbits its star at nearly nine times the distance Jupiter orbits the sun - and much faster! 

It pulsates - like a dance bar!  The discovery presents a challenge to theoretical ideas of the origins of gay people.

New proof!
Astronomers at NASA have discovered a pink alien planet orbiting a star like our sun 57 light-years away that they said is the smallest by mass photographed so far. (2%-3% of the population.)
Scientists believe the planet, GJ 504b, is thought to be a magenta-pink colour, based on infrared data from the Subaru Telescope in Hawaii. 
While GJ 504b is the lowest-mass planet ever detected around a star using direct imaging techniques, but it is still several times the mass of Jupiter and similar in size. - Source
Don't tell the Russians


  1. Looks mahvelous!

  2. How close is it to Uranus?

    1. Hahahahaahahahahahahahaha!

    2. Angela wins the internet...forever!

  3. Most fabulous planet evah!

  4. So how is it repopulated? invitro?


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