Thursday, August 08, 2013

Mass chat: The feast of St. Dominic

Dominicans are friars* not monks.

Did you know?

The Dominicans actually created a cologne.

Dominican friars were also apothecaries -
at least in Florence in 1612:

Perfume has been made by the Dominican monks at the Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica at Santa Maria Novella, in Florence, since the 1220s. It is the oldest pharmacy in the world and was founded when the friars began to distil herbs and flowers to make essences, fragrant waters and elixirs. - Source

St. Dominic is often shown in art with a dog.
I think he should be the patron of poodles.
[According to the Golden Legend St. Dominic's mother while pregnant dreamed that she would give birth to a dog who would hold a torch in its mouth and would "burn the world." It has been suggested that the dog represents a pun on Dominicanus, the word for a Dominican friar, and domini canis, "dog of the Lord." At any rate, a dog is often shown at the saint's feet holding a torch in its mouth.]

Did you know there are Dominican nuns?
Did you know that Debbie Reynolds became a nun
in order to launch her signing career?
I never knew that?
(I just made that up BTW.)

The real singing nun: Sister Luc-Gabrielle
Did you know she eventually left the convent and became a lesbian?
A postulant once told me that is what happens to:
A) celebrity nuns
B) who leave the convent.
There is a former Dominican priest - self-described near genius - who left
to become a homosexual. 
He has a blog but I can't link to it because
of the nude photos.
Which proves that homosexuality
is a form of idolatry.
*Today, Dominican friars enjoy barbecues,
although at one time they
had more serious work to do...
grilling heretics.
Modified Dominican habit for men.
(Strict observance friars prefer fleece hoodies.)
Blessed Virgin gives the habit to St. Dominic.
Our Lady gave him everything...
every thing!
Happy feast day!
St. Dominic, pray for us!
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  1. What was Debbie's name in religion? Sister Mary Frances? :P

    I like the traditional Dominican nuns habit. I've noticed a few of their communities still wear them:

  2. I like the older habit the best too.

  3. Quite an exhaustive list. You did forget two things: I was born on St. Dominic's feast day 40 years go, and my favorite relative, Sr. Angelica Loogman OP, took that as a sign that I might become a priest. Now I did tell the Lord after my conversion that I would gladly become an FSSP priest, but God had a better plan.

    And thank you for NOT mentioning the time St. Dominic sat in audience for an auto-da-fe.

  4. I used to teach with Dominican Sisters. They were very dedicated to the children entrusted to them. I was invited to dinner with them whenever I stayed after school for evening events. The dinner conversation was always interesting and Sr. Thomasita was a good cook! I miss them.

    1. I've been fortunate to know many incredible Dominican sisters.

  5. "Debbie Reynolds became a nun in order to launch her signing career?"
    I could do that - signing I mean.

  6. Yes, there are Dominican Nuns...Nuns of the Order of Preachers. They are the first-born of St. Dominic, founded 10 years before the friars and they are CLOISTERED. Sister Luc-Gabrielle was a Dominican 3rd Order SISTER. Dominican sisters and nuns are not the same thing.

    There are about 200 monasteries of Dominican Nuns in the world. They all wear the Dominican habit. The veil has never been universally the same but has always varied from region to region. Today some monasteries wear what people consider a modified veil but all wear the TRADITIONAL Dominican Habit: tunic, belt, scapular, rosary and cappa.

    1. Thanks Sister - I'm sorry you had to see this.

      Please pray for me.

  7. Don't worry! We Dominicans don't take ourselves too seriously!


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