Saturday, June 29, 2013

That poor Paula Deen

Hey Whitey!

She used the "N" word 30 years ago - under stress - and thus she is condemned today as a racist.  She's lost all of her endorsements-licensing deals, television show, everything.  Amazing!

Are only white people racist?  Are they, Cracker?

Alec Baldwin says a lot of crap too.  He said the "F" word.

Anderson Cooper is questioning why he gets by:
Anderson Cooper         @andersoncooper
Why does get a pass when he uses gay slurs? If a conservative talked of beating up a "queen" they would be vilified.
Baldwin didn't just say it 30 years ago either.

Of course Cooper is no angel - you may remember he made headlines for his Tea-bagging slur.

We all have a little bigot in us.

Song for this post here.  Cherring the pain.



  1. I feel for Paula, but her whole story is not just because she said the N world 30 years ago. She has the whole, "plantation wedding," thing and Bubba and his work place porn, etc. I think Paula's story is much like anyone with power and money, be they lay or religious, they get insulated from the real world and just keep hearing what they want to hear, as the people around them want some of that power and money. She is a smart business woman so she should have been smart enough to protect her "brand." However, we havent heard the whole story so we shouldnt condemn and when someone truly is sorry for their wrongs, they need to be forgiven. I don't blame her sponsors for backing out, they are a business and they need to look at the bottom line.

    As for Baldwin..totally agree. Anyone else would have been "crucified," by now. Have no idea what Cooper said about TeaBaggers but you got to admit, they like all groups, have some real nutjobs in their ranks! Point taken too about us all being bigots. Its really hard not to label people and its even harder not to be threatened by someone or something different.

  2. I feel sorry for Paula. She spoke the truth about her long time forgotten sin (by Jesus) during a deposition and the whole world now stands to throw their stones. If indeed the secret filth in the hearts and tongues of all were laid bare, we would all drown in our own sewage. It is amazing that someone on TV can call a woman a horrible disgusting name and nothing happens to him-of course he contributed a great deal of money to Obama's re-election. Unfortunately, the dismantling of Paula is a sign of things to come: This politically correct execution-style destruction of a human being. It is hatred on steroids.


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