Sunday, June 23, 2013

Heavy Burtations in Minneapolis - Again!

As I sat looking out the window, the tree on my boulevard flew by - it was so Wizard of Oz-ish I laughed out loud.

This was my storm damage from Friday night - I moved the tree off my hedge, which was already winter damaged, and stacked the branches on the boulevard, waiting for the city to haul it away.  I inserted my Sarah Palin cut out to look as if she was crushed by the tree, but she was kind of camera shy.  The trunk of the fallen tree is in the foreground - I considered making a shrine out of it, pretending a miraculous image was revealed within, but the neighbors were watching me.

This is the fourth tree I've lost to storms since I moved in 23 years ago.


I could see it from my house.


  1. I was waiting for "I can see 35W from my house."

    1. I wish I would have thought of that. You are funnier than I am.


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