Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I missed Midsummer's Eve.


I don't know how I could - I love to set fires in my backyard - it must be all the storms that caused me to forget.

I remembered St. John's Day of course.

And today, it is the 32nd anniversary of the first apparition at Medjugorje.
Medjugorje is flooded with pilgrims gathering to mark the 32nd anniversary of the Virgin Mary’s apparitions on June 24-25. Without citing sources, the local news portal  reports that 100,000 people are expected.
Though this figure is likely too high, Medjugorje being unable to house this many pilgrims, many come from nearby areas which could serve to make the expected number more credible. - Source
It's rather remarkable that devotees retain their enthusiasm after all of these years.  I wonder if the Pope will greet the pilgrims via radio or something?

I'm still waiting for an official decree from the Church.



  1. Medjugorje is a fraud.

  2. Mid Summer's Night was beautiful for once in Chicago. I actually have a backyard full of lighting bugs, which I hadn't seen in a few years..not as nice as your graphic but I will take it. Yea, Medjugorje is kind of freaky to me, I knew someone who went there and she was kind of odd (but a sweet religious person) and her descriptions of things seemed more creepy then wonderous but who knows..I think I am just seeing things through her eyes and while she is sweet, she's kind of creepy!

    1. And the Blackhawks won! Yay!

  3. YES!!!! Close but we did it!!!

    Sorry about your tree, I hate it when old trees get knocked down.


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