Saturday, June 01, 2013

Simcha Fisher - "trying to find something to wear in a world where there is nothing to wear."

"Just be modest and pretty. 
Just be feminine and beguiling
 and decorous and just wonderful,
wonderful you, like God wants you to be." 

Now what could be more natural than that?

Simcha Fisher has a helpful post on the problems of dressing modestly - and lovely - during hot summer weather.  It's an important post for this time of year, since many people are offended by 'scantily clad' (love that term!) women on the street and sometimes at Mass.

I'm thinking religious people can over-react to summer fashions and should avoid that dreaded Calvinist attitude as regards so called  proper attire at Mass and on the street during hot weather.

As a PSA, I'm posting some photos offering a couple of suggestions for the clothing choices one could make during hot weather.  If it was good enough for Blessed John Paul II, it should be good enough for today's woman.  One must remember, it's all about intention.  If you do not intend to be provocative or sexy, it's all good.

Just for men:

Tattoo pants can be a cool alternative in hot weather.

Man with tattooed swimwear.



  1. "our sunday best" - LOL

  2. I tried to wear a tattooed tuxedo to my wedding, but the priest wouldn't allow it. Actually, he didn't allow the wedding at all, since my bride was just a tattoo.


  3. Good to see Ray is getting around town these days...


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