"Are we prepared to promote conditions in which the living contact with God can be reestablished? For our lives today have become godless to the point of complete vacuity. God is no longer with us in the conscious sense of the word. He is denied, ignored, excluded from every claim to have a part in our daily life." - Alfred Delp, S.J.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Catholic News and Worldly Reports

Fr. Amorth is in the news again.

"He wants the pope to let all priests perform exorcisms
at will, even the screwed up ones?"


  1. Wow... I thought exorcists were supposed to keep a low profile. He sure is no Father Merrin he is? And is there more need for exorcists or are there just more nuts running around these days?

  2. Your question about the need is very interesting. As a matter of fact, some dioceses around the world are increasing the number of exorcists. Not a few priests believe there is a need. Some of the more horrible crimes - esp. those involving decapitation supposedly exhibit diabolic influence. I've read a few articles on the issue recently.

  3. I knew an exorcist, now deceased, who performed the rite for an extremely strange and frightening case. To my knowledge, he never spoke of it. Most people never even knew he was an exorcist. I learned of his experience through other priests.

  4. I'm told there are three here but the person telling me could only identify one. He used to be at my current pastor's previously assigned parish and has been reassigned to a river town.

  5. Do not all priests perform an exorcism during the rite for the sacrament of Baptism and in the rite for the renewal of baptismal vows ?

    Some babies do throw up or yell or scream but that`s just because they are babies.

    I`ve never heard of any of them expelling green vomit, talking in deep voices, and throwing the priest against the far wall as in the film The Exorcist.

    1. Terry - have you seen the French and Saunders version of The Exorcist?

    2. Yes. Hilarious.

      In view of the comments below, can I just continue in a more serious vein for moment.

      Like most people, I get fed up of seeing the name of Fr Amorth in the newspapers. He seems to be a blatant self publicist. He does not realise he has become a joke and his public comments embarass and damage the Church

      "Exorcism" is simply a term for a form of prayer. Unfortunately because of Hollywood etc it has in the public imagination become something sensational and exotic whereas it is quite prosaic. It has been depicted as a form of magic which stresses the role of the "exorcist". Hence the problem of Fr Amorth.

      Other Christian Churches such as the Anglican Church have rites and rules for exorcism with or without sacraments. In the Anglican rite of baptism there is a minor rite of exorcism too. In the Anglican Church lesser exorcisms come within Prayers for Protection and Peace

    3. Thanks Terry - you make very good points. As you know there are deliverance prayers in the Roman Ritual which may be used by any priest, without permission by the local ordinary. Likewise, the sacrament of penance chases the devil away quite well.

      Fr. Amorth is a curiosity. There are other exorcists who seem to view that 'title' almost as an imprimatur for whatever they say - esp. when it comes to their personal approbation of dubious apparitions and locutions given to pious women.

      I suspect Fr. Amorth may not realize that he is being mocked by media - which is one thing - but on the other hand - the ritual itself is open to parody, as French and Saunders demonstrated.

  6. That was put in the movie to up the shock value...it wasnt in the book (no head spinning.) Read the book, (I cant remember its title now) that documents the real exorcism that Blatty used as the basis of his book. Very interesting and totally realistic so it is even scarier.

  7. ...I love it when we have the renewal of Baptisimal Vows...wish it were regularly done. I just pray the St Michael prayer, and bless myself with Holy Water, which I keep on the window shelf above the kitchen sink. I use Blessed Salt around perimeters of my tiny, in danger, yard. & I wish I could memorize the St Michael Chaplet...
    oh, and yes, I guess I am a bit of a Catholic junkie....as..
    When I went to confession for the first time in....30 years...the priest performed a 'small' exorcism. He needed to. All my facination with astrology, the vacuousness of my 'moral' life, the rage and anger I had inside...I am grateful he did this.

    1. Consolata, just pray the St. Michael Chaplet every day that you possibly can and you will eventually have it memorized. You can also start by remembering the names of the choirs and the virtues or gifts associated with each of them. It took me close to two years (I'm a slow learner) but I finally do have it memorized and manage to pray it almost every day. In fact, of my rote daily prayers, it's the first one I say. Joyce

  8. Holy Smokes ! Joyce you make me realize I gave up too easily. two years - I can do That, too. Thanks !
    I have a lovely St Michael Chaplet I got from the Carmelite Sisters in Colorado - my chaplet & medal enablers. (sistersofcarmel.org)
    Surprising how simple prayers on beads can lead you down into deep places.
    again - thanks. C.


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