Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mass chat: The Holy Father heard confessions - on Sunday.

Keep the light on.

Some people have problems with hearing confessions on a Sunday.  I think that's dumb.  I wish every parish had more than one priest, one could be in the confessional, the other saying Mass.  Or the priest could hear confessions before Mass - while people are adoring the Blessed Sacrament before Mass.

Anyway, the Holy Father visited a Roman parish today, and...
Early on Sunday the feast of the Holy Trinity Pope Francis made his first Pastoral visit to a Diocese in Rome. The Parish of Saint Elisabeth and Zechariah gave the Pope a rapturous welcome as he arrived by helicopter to celebrate Mass and administer the Sacrament of Holy Communion to 16 children. Also in a first for a Pope on a visit to a parish, the Holy Father heard the confessions of a least 7 people. - Vatican Radio
I wish I could go to confession to him.

When I was very young I wanted to be a priest just so I could hear confessions and give people last rites... in other words, save souls.

More chat:  I've only had two really bad confession experiences that I can recall.  Once when I was convinced I knew more than the confessor and was miffed he wasn't impressed by my self-knowledge and humility.  LOL!  The other, when a priest told me he wasn't my mother (?) and that homosexual acts were not a mortal sin.  I had to beg him for absolution.  I think he had mental problems and may have been in treatment at the time. 


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