Thursday, May 23, 2013

That Muslim guy in London who killed the soldier...

Speaking to the camera, the terrorist warned:
 "We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you."

He just wanted to start a riot.  Asked by the woman who courageously rushed to help the downed soldier, why he killed the man, the crazed Muslim pretty much explained he was avenging the deaths of Muslims killed by British troops elsewhere - particularly Afghanistan.

The soldier was beheaded.

The Crescat posted the story and shared her thoughts on it here.

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  1. I could only shake my head in disgust listening to the reporter repeat over and over, "No one is jumping to conclusions...We must not jump to conclusions...Authorities are being careful not to jump to conclusions..." and she went on quite a few times more. What she is really saying is that people should not start going out and burning down mosques or beating up anyone who doesn't look white (horrifically people did just that apparently)...but to keep repeating "don't jump to conclusions" is ridiculous. The man clearly stated what he did and whom he did it for. I don't need a pole vault to get to ANY conclusion.

    1. I agree with you I think what the person was trying to imply, was don’t go and kill others or burn mosques. After all we are not savages that need to be old testament and go eye for an eye.

      Also they need to determine if this was an isolated attack or something bigger, and that’s what authorities are not sure about.

  2. The “Muslim (convert) guy”.

    It is reported the man comes from a devout “Christian” family.

    Killing is not exclusive to any religion.

    EDL (English Defence League) is the label worn by some of those wanting to attack mosques in retaliation. But they don’t represent all English people, just as this guy who committed the atrocity isn’t representative of the Muslim faith.

    In this country, Christians, Catholic and Protestant used to be burned alive by each other – all in the name of God or religion.

    It’s not that long ago that the people in Northern Ireland were waving Catholic and Protestant banners in their murderous crusades against God’s people.

    As Pope Francis reminded us this week. “The Lord has redeemed all of us, all of us, with the Blood of Christ: all of us, not just Catholics. Everyone!”

    He also said, “To say that you can kill in the name of God is blasphemy.”

    Many have a thirst for blood on their hands and cry out for “justice”.

    I thought at first the guy was wearing red gloves. It was shocking to realise his hands were drenched in blood. It’s the devil’s work for certain. The good comes from God.

  3. Religious fanaticism is scary no matter if it is Muslim or Christian (I point to the guy who killed himself in Notre Dame the other day, though he had the good sense and taste to just take himself out and not hurt anyone else or the good “Christian, “ on another board who said that I and all gay people should be lined up against a wall and shot..okay!!!) Thank God we live in a country where there is a separation of Church and State. And I agree, nothing must please the devil more then someone committing an atrocity in the name of God

  4. bg, Amen.

    What I also find ludicrous is that the recent spate of hate crimes in Boston and London were committed in the name of Afghanistan and Iraq, but the perpetrators in both of those instances didn't come from either of those countries. So to me these atrocities were just another excuse to go on a killing spree. They most certainly were the work of the devil.

    I would go a step further in saying that we Americans have a very sanitized view of the violence we inflict on others. We have never known what it was like to have shock and awe bombs dropped on us or our children. We shrug and say those are the perils of war and are unavoidable. But war is never the only way and we have a very myopic view of terror. We seem to think it's only terror when it's foisted upon people we agree with, but if it's heaped on those we hate or with whom we disagree, then it's justified.

    It's not popular to say these things but they need to be said.

    Not in my name. And certainly not in His.

  5. People with hate in their heart will always look to rally under a banner, a flag or cause to attempt to justify their hate, even a cross or a crescent moon. Countries, religion, cause is irrelevant – it doesn’t matter. The devil isn’t fussy about whose heart he camps in. And then he sets out to split the camp. Split the heart, divide families, split societies, divide people.

    Maybe divide is the wrong word. Let’s say disfigure. the devil sets out to disfigure the face of God in whose image we are all created and conceal the goodness in every heart.

    Jesus restores and reveals the good when we turn back to him.

  6. bg - you are sharing some beautiful insights - thank you.


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