Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Protests planned for Courage 'Sports Camp' in Philadelphia...


[Ed. note: Follow up to my post here.]

Comment from NewsWorks Philadelphia:
#protest tomorrowEd2013-05-22 11:19
We will be holding a protest at the location (City Ave. and E. Wynnewood Rd., Lower Merion, PA) from 4-6 PM tomorrow. All are welcome to join us!
Gay hate crimes?  Sounds a bit extreme, right?  But here's a headline of major distortion (it starts like this):
Catholic Priest Hosting "Gay Sports" Camp to Convert Homosexuals Through Athletics"
After figuring out that electroshock therapy and gay conversion therapy didn’t really work, a Catholic seminary in Wynnewood, PA has come up with yet another suggestion on how to force grown men into changing their sexuality. You know, because they chose it in the first place. - "Queerty"
Really?  C'mon - that's just BS... narrow minded, bigotted, uppity, snobby, BS.

So here's the deal.  No one is 'ordered to attend' nor 'sent' to Courage, much less a Sports Camp.  Courage conferences, meetings and/or activities are not interventions or a 'getting straight' camp.  Courage is a faithful Catholic apostolate which offers spiritual support to men and women who experience unwanted same sex attraction.  These men and women have chosen to attend voluntarily - because they want to. 
Repeat:  Men and women join a Courage group because they want to.   
They choose to do so.  They are not bound or compelled to do so.  There is no one, no authority, no bishop or priest in the Church ordering men and women with same sex attraction to join a group, or to become straight.  There is no document or teaching in the Church commanding men and women with same sex attraction to be straight, get married, and have kids.  The Church calls men and women to follow Christ, to become holy.

I think it is obvious many gay people are scared that someone is going to come along and say - "You must be straight!"  They are afraid their unique, special, wonderland of Queer is going to be trounced upon and taken away from them, and they are especially resentful that some people want to leave the lifestyle, and indeed, do so.

Gay activists are amongst the most intolerant people on earth, easily matched by fringe groups - such as the Westboro Baptists.

Thanks to DB for the NewsWorks piece.


  1. There's nothing "intolerant" about criticizing it. God knows it gave me a good laugh, and I posted about that. Protesting it seems a bit silly, because no one is there by compunction. I say, save the protests for the places where kids are sent and they DON'T have a say in their abuse.

  2. "There's nothing "intolerant" about criticizing it."

    That's true - although I was thinking of those who are intolerant of Courage.

    Just so you know I haven't lost my sense of humor, part of this was written as if Karen Walker was speaking it.

    1. Oh Karen, it's no wonder. You need a drink. :)

  3. I have been quietly following your blog for a while and think your thoughts are quite interesting, though I am not always in agreement. In that spirit I have to say, these people are not bound or compelled to do so..maybe physically but perhaps mentally you know, all those years saying that you are wrong, your sexuality is wrong, if you act on it your going in a hand basket to hell by both society and the church would be quite compelling to someone in a certain emotional state. And I would question anyone's emotional state if they think that they are going to change their sexuality, gay or straight. I would also have to say I have been in sports all my life and it has does nothing but reinforce the, "Yea, I like hanging with hot guys, yep I'm gay?!"

    I say this in all due humor and respect (they might want to recruit some of the clergy to this team to turn em around first to see if it works.)


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