Monday, May 20, 2013

Love this story: "Sports Camp" for Men With Same-Sex Attraction...

"You vill play sports and like it!"

Ed. note:  How I wish I could display my favorite episode from "Will and Grace" when Jack and Karen go to an ex-gay meeting headed by Neil Patrick Harris - it is LOL funny.  Anyway, I can't, because it has been removed from YouTube probably by whatever controls the licensing for the reruns.  I think of that show every time I come across controversial stories concerning Courage, claiming the organization attempts to make SSA men heterosexual.   So dumb.  SSA men are heterosexual, sheesh!

"Let's hit the showers!" - That's what Jack said to Neil Patrick Harris' character.

Courage is shipping SSA men to sports camp?!  It sounds so Nazi-ish.  But here's the deal:

Former Marine, Father Paul Check says his sports camp helps men strive towards chastity and friendship, but Ed Coffin with Peace Advocacy Network, says he is troubled by the anti-gay mission of the camp.    
Sounds way too butch already, you say?  Ed Coffin alleges:
"It's very clear what this organization does is focus on turning people who are homosexual--basically trying to change them into heterosexuals or at least get them to live a completely chaste lifestyle--which requires them to not act on any of their homosexual inclinations," Coffin said. "It falls under the broader realm of conversion therapy. We do feel that this is very detrimental, that's it's psychologically damaging."


Because Fr. Check says:
"The men who attend Sports Camp have the opportunity to have some fun," Check said, "to be at ease with one another in a peaceful surrounding and to develop, I think, a little bit more a sense of confidence that they can have fun in a way that is very enjoyable: outside, outdoors, running around, working up a little bit of a sweat, I suppose."
Check said he's puzzled by the protesters because the men at Sports Camp show up voluntarily to enjoy sports and have fun. He says participants say they appreciated the spirit of camaraderie and fellowship, but he's not aware of any who have regretted attending. 
Father Paul Check said the camp helps men resist those attractions and strive towards chastity, fellowship, and friendship. "We're all struggling against different human weaknesses that we have and confusion about who we think we might be and being in good company helps us to clarify some of that and, where necessary, try to make a few adjustments; and we learn some things that help us to go out and perhaps be a little bit more confident that we can do the right thing." - Source
Now what is wrong with that?  Nothing.  No-thing!  Nothing.  

Sports isn't conversion therapy.  I have a feeling Ed Coffin may not have been picked for the team - but Courage isn't forcing anyone to participate in their meetings, much less the 'sports camp'.  So what is Coffin's problem?  Dykes have been big softball enthusiasts forever, and don't forget about the 'Gay Games'.  Courage has every right to organize a 'sports camp'.  I think Mr. Coffin is just being intolerant.  Isn't that like a cardinal sin in the gay catechism?

Sports is not conversion therapy.


  1. "... which requires them to not act on any of their homosexual inclinations," Coffin said.

    What's wrong with that? Nothing.

    "It falls under the broader realm of conversion therapy."

    Better known as "Sacrament of Reconciliation." Praise God! :D

  2. Assigning outfield positions is probably an awkward task.

  3. Your second pic is of Taylor 'Tex' Walker of the Adelaide Crows. He injured his knee a couple of weeks ago and will be out for the season. Very good player. He's not gay, to my knowledge.

  4. Joel - to my knowledge none of the men pictured are gay - I never intended to give that impression.

  5. Nah, didn't think you did - just having a bit of a laugh. It was a very funny picture and caption. Good work.


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