Tuesday, March 05, 2013

So the Blessed Virgin told the Pope to retire and Cardinal Burke will be Pope...


People are just having fun, right?  Entertaining themselves?  Just like me with my 3/13/13 'prediction', huh?


You can't take Benedict XVI at his word?  That he renounced the papacy because of waning strength due to age?  So Our Lady told him to do it?  Which Lady?  Our Lady of Fatima?  Or Garabandal?  Or was it Medjugorje?  OMIGOSH!  Was it Akita?

Of course Benedict made his decision in prayer - he said as much when he admitted he searched his conscience and made his choice freely.

You want an American Pope?  USA! USA! USA! USA!  All the reasons Burke should be Pope can be summed up in that chant... I don't care how traditional he is.  Who can know the mind of God? 

Useless speculation.

"God thirsts for our faith and wants us to find the source of our authentic happiness in him. Every believer is in danger of practicing a false religiosity, of not seeking in God the answer to the most intimate expectations of the heart but, on the contrary, treating God as though he were at the service of our desires and projects.…" - Benedict XVI
FYI:  A plague of locusts has descended upon Egypt.



  1. Benedict made a perfect and wise decision and used reason against tradition and I am not a diehard fan of his but I like him personally and envy his white hair which is usually an Italian thing. The new death penalty position of his and John Paul II neglected to note that the two worst murder rate countries on earth are Catholic ( see wiki) and only have life sentences...proving that when you're Pope, you can skip facts when you wax theological because our writing brigade is softball only...or ignored because they're fringe.
    Signs of aging too much? Not noticing that your butler leaves each night with a bulging piece of luggage. Not noticing that your appointee to head the CDF got an honorary Phd. from the former Pontifical Catholic University of Peru that your Secretary of State suspects of heresy. Benedict acted well. When we are 85 and drive badly, we should have as much truthfulness as he does...and get a bike.

  2. Who cares that Burke is American?! Maybe others care but I don't. I just care that he's wicked orthodox. I will just pray that the most capable man becomes the next pope. He's going to have a rough time, no matter how long his papacy lasts. ;-)

  3. LOL! Did you know Turkson is originally from Minnesota?

  4. Badger - as Nathan Thurm would say, "No he's not!"

    Anyway, we only have Somalis up here. What?

  5. I know that! Why wouldn't I know that? I'm well aware of that!

  6. LOL! Perfect response!


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