Thursday, January 31, 2013

My cat's best friend is a rabbit.

Mrs Rabitowitz...

Gabby likes to eat her supper next to the French doors so she can eat at the same time Mrs. Rabitowitz comes to the back stairs to eat her supper.  I don't let her do it every night because in the summer the doors are open and she'd be in the way, so I don't want her to get used to it.  Gabby really likes the critters in the yard. 

One afternoon I was late with Mrs. R's supper and while I was on the computer, she came up to the door and bumped into it so the screen door shook.  I'm quite sure Rabitowitz did it to get my attention, hoping I would notice her out there waiting for supper.  Gabby was fairly agitated as well.  I immediately went out the side garage door to put out her supper.  Rabitowitz stayed right where she was, waiting for me as I put out the apple and nuts.  She was less than an arms length away from me and began eating as soon as I finished.  She's become very tame.

I'll try to write some more rabbit stories from this past winter.

Anyway, after saying our prayers tonight, Gabby whispered to me she wished we had teddy bears in the yard - in addition to Mrs. Rabitowitz and all the other critters of course, and I answered, "I always thought we did.  Yes, I'm pretty sure we do."



  1. That's sweet! We need to see pictures of Mrs. Rabitowitz (if at all possible).

  2. ....I have it on good authority that God is consoled and charmed with your conversations and relationships with His animals, who report daily to him....

  3. I thought Mrs. Rabitowitz died?

  4. The original one did, but they keep multiplying and so the name stuck. You can't play in the backyard if you're gonna scare the cat with your truth telling.

  5. I loved reading this last night. It's like you read me a bedtime story.


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