Wednesday, December 05, 2012

This just in: Saps at Sea Retreat


So it is true.  The Voris/Fr. Z retreat at sea I mean.

Remember a few years back when Fr. Z was writing about cruise line chaplains and other forms of employment?  Or was it about Celebrity Cruises excluding priests as chaplains?

I'm just saying.


Jimmy Olsen*, Cub Investigative Reporter

Zagano - gimme a call.  Haha!  Just kidding!

* BTW - New feature!  "Guest blogger" will be posting things I can't.

"Well it's really quite simple, I'll say the black
and do the red, and you collect the bread."
"That's swell Ollie!  We should put that on a mug."

"Yoin us for da Jeer of Fete
Reteet!" - Charo

h/t Adrienne

film credit Saps at Sea

Thursday Morning Update:  Looks as if I'm not the only one who thinks the retreat is strange.**  Read it here - Catholic In Brooklyn.  (Excellent blog BTW - never heard of the blog until today.)

**This is what I find strange about the 'Retreat':
  • The "retreat" is on a luxury cruise ship amidst hundreds of vacationers - during Lent.
  • It is promoted as a Year of Faith retreat sponsored by a lay organization of Catholics - it is not even an official Church sponsored retreat as far as I know. 
  • It is such an unwise move for Fr. Z it is not funny - not good for the resume.  I think it safe to say Voris is pretty much a persona non grata with many bishops, dioceses, not to mention the USCCB.   

Thursday Night Update:  Man With the Black Hat commentary.

Friday Morning Update:  Crescat has a post on the retreat as well - bonus feature: Church Militant Video Promo - check it out on "We've Officially Jumped the Shark".


  1. This is seriously making me smile. Heading to the store to lay in a supply of popcorn. Heads to explode in 3,2,1...

  2. Do you think they'll tweet it?

  3. Is the blonde the EHMC or liturgical dancer?

  4. Freewinds3:03 PM

    juxtaposition ...

    The world is unraveling, families struggling and Christian hope is setting sail in luxury liner ... pass the popcorn

  5. BTW - Charo is an extremely good guitarist.

    1. I know - I love her. She was on Love Boat all the time, wasn't she?

  6. I never watched Love Boat, but I looked it up and you would be correct.

    Andrés Segovia was once her teacher and she was twice voted best Flamenco guitarist by Guitar Player's Magazine.

    She moved to Hawaii and opened a club. Since there were so many Japanese she learned to speak the language. Imagine Japanese with a Latin accent. She's also fluent in French and Italian and, of course, Spanish.

    She says her marriage to Xavier Cugat was just a way for him to get her into the country.

    Now she tours. She's 61 years old and has one son, Shel Rasten, who, incidentally, went to the same posh school in Hawaii that Obama did. He is also seriously handsome. Shel - not Obama.

  7. You said all the things I was too much of a coward to say on my own blog.

    Father Z is in town right now, and it is possible I will see him because he sometimes comes to the Church where I attend Mass, and I've also run into him on the subway, so you never know. If I have a chance, I'm going to ask him about this.

    Thanks for the kinds word about my blog. If it is any good, I give all the credit to our Blessed Mother. It sure ain't coming from me!

    1. You wrote well - I don't - your post is thoughtful and respectful and very well stated.

      I'm one of your followers now! I also love the header on your blog. God bless you and may Our Lady continue to protect and guide you.

  8. I'm already taking heat for this ...

    ... which is why there's gonna be a sequel by the weekend. Stay tuned.

    1. I loved your post, David, and I quoted from it on my blog. I'm looking for your sequel.

    2. You'll have it delivered in person. Thanks for the link.

  9. David - I just read your original post - 'kudos' as they say. Looking forward to the sequel.

  10. "Well it's really quite simple, I'll say the black
    and do the red, and you collect the bread."

    Sorry--I didn't understand this reference. Are you trying to say Fr. Z will actually be making a profit from this retreat??? Are you joking? As far as I know, CMTV won't be making much of a profit either.

    As to this looking bad for Fr. Z's "resumé"--do you really think he gives a hoot about that? Does he strike you as the sort of priest to give a damn what anyone thinks? Should priests go around worrying about whether or not their "resumé" looks acceptable enough to peers? He's the sort of man who's going to do what he believes is right--and even if MV is persona non grata with certain portions of the USCCB, Fr. Z can see through all the silly politics and make up his own mind about a man's character.

    As far as I'm concerned, being persona non grata by the USCCB (and certain bishops) is a badge of honor--particularly when the USCCB's own domestic charitable arm the CCHD has been funding pro-abortion, pro-contraception, pro-gay activist non-profits for decades, and the USCCB has done practically NOTHING to stop this. In fact, it is getting worse by the year. Oh, and the USCCB's international charitable arm Catholic Relief Services is mired in scandal because it's been caught doing the SAME.

    Or haven't you heard?

    The Pope certainly has--which is why he issued his Motu Proprio just a few days ago addressing just such scandals in charitable activity. And it is precisely because MV exposes such scandals (which most Catholic bloggers will not touch with a 10-ft pole because they KNOW it will make them persona non grata as well, and who the heck wants that?) that certain bishops (or at least their chancery staff) reject his apostolate.

    Personally, I could not care LESS if Fr. Z, MV, and a bunch of Catholics choose to get together on a cruise to hear a series of talks on the faith, nor do I look at them with suspicion, distrust, and self-righteousness--which seems to be the order of the day among critics of this retreat.

  11. Hi Christine,
    Im sure Fr Z may or may not care. I would be fine with the cruise as a meeting of Catholics. But to call it a retreat, that is the problem.

    1. Smiley - some are now referring to the venture as a 'seminar at sea'.

  12. At last, the sequel, in which it is further elaborated upon that, no, you cannot have it both ways. Retreats Reconsidered

  13. Terry:

    As some of your commenters have been told in other venues (and I suppose, here as well, if examined more closely), the issue has never been, is not now, nor will ever be, about CMTV and Father Z sponsoring a cruise. It was from the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, rather, about using a cruise as a setting for a spiritual retreat (which by itself boggles the mind), and doing so during Lent.

    Even when presented so plainly, it further boggles the mind that those who purport to defend Catholic tradition would not see to what extent this is problematic.

  14. Thanks David - that's cool.

    I liked your second post too - I posted a comment, but it looks like it didn't post.

    Moving on now.

    God bless!


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