Monday, December 03, 2012

Fr. Sirico

Financial and moral truth?  Photo/story

In Rome.

Launches his new book, "Defending the Free Market: the Moral Case for a Free Economy".
"I wrote the book because I was concerned that there's such a false set of assumptions of what a market economy is and that it's completely disconnected from the moral life," he explained.

"I'm also using the book to give a sort of autobiography," said Fr. Sirico, who wrote the book using parables of his life to ''tell a moral.'' - Source

Is it a complete autobiography though?  And why the Rome launch?

Why is this priest so prominent?  How did he get to this point? 

Okay.  I will just come out and say it: He has a history which I find troubling.  (Another link here.)


  1. So he lied about having a degree in economics, then writes a book about the free market? That is a problem.


  2. Good Grief ! I read all of the material you linked - how is it that he appears on EWTN ? I don't get it......I mean, Father Benedict Groschel mis-speaks and suffers...and this like the energizer bunny. nothing and no one seems to stand in his way. it is diabolical.

  3. His history is more than troubling. He has a radical homosexual past (which you read about if you followed Terry's links) that should have prevented him EVER getting into the seminary. If you look at how he did get ordained it looks like he gamed the system, entering a liberal order (the Paulists). After he got what he wanted, i.e., ordination, he left the order. I know people who think he's the best thing since sliced bread. I look at his history and say, he appears to be a person of the lie. And now he goes around selling capitalism and making a six figure salary, over $178,000 according to Charity Navigator. Sounds like a very smart operator if you ask me and a con man which he always was.

    Can people experience conversion? Of course. But conversion is usually accompanied by profound humility. A former homosexual activist running off to get himself ordained and then making himself a leading Catholic speaker doesn't sound very humble to me. Frankly, it makes me wonder if he knows where the skeletons are buried. He certainly has the history that would give him plenty of contacts. I am inclined to agree with Consolata.

    1. And of course I'm inclined to agree with you both. Thanks Mary Ann.


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