Friday, December 07, 2012

Catholic Seniors and Cruises.

Who knew?

Catholic Seniors.

You know - those old baby-boomers everyone is waiting to die off in the biological solution.  The ones with the money, the expendable income, getting ready to sign off on their wills to Catholic benefactors.  Well, maybe not.  Yet seniors are a target market for the cruiseline industry.
A popular new trend

According to the website “religious-oriented cruises” are gaining in popularity and run the gamut from small groups participating in faith-related activities on board to Christian-themed half-ship or full-ship charters or religious-pilgrimage cruises.

“Increasingly, Christians are gathering aboard cruises for social and spiritual bonding,” the site added, also noting that some cruise lines give back a percentage of the cruise cost as a donation to the church group.

But, even for those who are simply on a cruise for a vacation can benefit from a priest’s presence on board.

Catholics traveling on a major cruise ship can benefit from priests ministering on board under the Cruise Ship Priest Program.

Overseen in the United States by the Apostleship of the Sea, the program ensures that priests on cruise ships are in good standing and helps place them on cruise liners.

Celebrity Cruises is one of seven cruise lines that use the services of the Apostleship of the Sea’s U.S. offices.

As on-board chaplains, priests celebrate Mass and provide pastoral care and counseling to passengers, as well as crew members and the ship’s entertainers. - Read more here.

Get your resumes in order.


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  1. It used to be it was only the Jimmy Swaggert and Benny Hinn sort of religious charlatans who played the vacation/cruise game. It seems that Catholics don't want to be left out. It's $eriou$ Bu$siness.


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