Friday, December 28, 2012

Catholic Cruises - redux - kinda

After due consideration.

Ever since the conversation over Michael Voris and Fr. Z hosting a luxury cruise retreat during Lent, I've been reading up on Catholic cruises.  (I still haven't changed my mind on the retreat cruise, but who cares?)  BTW - if you Google Catholic cruises, Tom and Katie and Suri come up.  Somehow I find that comforting, Tom will come back to the Church, I know he will.

Anyway, until now I never even thought of 'Catholic cruises' as a niche market in the travel industry, much less as a retreat/vacation alternative.  Then I came across a site full of information about Catholic cruises and pilgrimages - which all sound rather nice.  In fact a Christmas cruise might be very nice for some people.  Although I would never go on a cruise - for many reasons, I can see why other people might enjoy doing so - and to be amongst Catholics and have Mass and confession available on board could only make it better.  Many times the priests travel free, and in some cases, can still charge a stole fee, speakers fee, Elvis impersonation fee, and so on. 
Often the ship itself is as much a destination as the places you will be visiting. Obviously some Catholics are used to attending daily Mass and most are aware of the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays. We assume you are one of those two types of Catholics and not one who does not care one way or the other. Whether traveling individually, as a couple or as a family with children, you will probably want to be able to incorporate your Catholic faith into your cruise experience. - More here.

Did you know there is a Catholic Familyland too?  I remember when Jim and Tammy built Heritage USA. 

Get that creche
outta Ale Mary's now!

More cruise activities information here.


  1. Catholic evangelicalism. "Name it and claim it." "Gab it and grab it." Sow seeds in our ministry and God will bless you. Someone out there is suffering from a pain in their groin. I want you to put your hands on your computer screen....

  2. FABulous comments Terry! Reminds me of a Pastor I was with once; he took FULL advantage of all the PERKS and HONORARIUMS and STIPENDS...and what-have-yous. He always had a FABulous time; back in time for ASH WEDNESDAY of course...but was always sad and angry soon after the HIGH was OVER.
    At age 61 now, I will certainly never be part of it either; and I'm sad when I think that Voris and Fr.Z 'partake'.
    Love your comment about Tom Cruis & Co.

  3. The good ship Medjugorje has been cruising with pilgrims for the past 31 years!

    Actually, there used to be a ferry ship named Our Lady of Medjugorje operating around the Philippines. Some may be pleased to hear that it is no longer in service!

  4. Thom - lol! Years ago when I was really depressed I kinda did that while watching Pat Robertson. Don't ask.

  5. Walter! haven't heard from you forever! Merry Christmas!

  6. bg - I never knew that. It would be a nice way to visit too. I know tons of people who have been there - they never mentioned a cruise was available.

  7. "to be amongst Catholics and have Mass and confession available on board could only make it better." Yes. My Wife the Travel Agent sets up small-group Catholic cruises, and it's great to be with like-minded people and a priest(s) on vacation. Having Mass on a ship with everyone singing a cappella is terrific. On an Easter cruise we had two priests with us, along with a priest from the Apostolate of the Sea; and over 200 people attended Mass on Easter morning. There were readings in English, Korean,and Spanish, plus the Our Father in Tagalog. Catholics from all around the world attended that morning, a testament to the Church's universal nature.

  8. A cruise can be what you make it. If people want top drink and party, it's all there. But on a big ship there is plenty of room for people who just want to be quiet. I must say that the one time I went on a cruise it was like retreat. I would sit for hours on the promenade deck and meditate with the ocean in view. I read a book about Irish monks and it was life changing. If I had had a chaplain to preach and say Mass it would have been ideal. I think a Catholic cruise is a wonderful idea.


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