Friday, October 19, 2012

Words from the cross...*

"We are under the same sentence, we are suffering what our deeds deserve, but this man has done nothing wrong." - Luke 23

Sometimes we can hear the words of the Gospel over and over, prayerfully ruminate them in our hearts, know them by heart, understand them intellectually, even theologically, perhaps be convinced of them spiritually.  Then, in an instant, "He opens our minds to understand the scriptures"

"In aridity and emptiness the soul becomes humble. Former pride disappears when a man no longer finds in himself anything that might cause him to look down on others." - St. Edith Stein

Former friends and acquaintances read my blog from time to time.  They must, because I find comments which say things like, "Wow!  You have a lot of people fooled."  Or, "Why don't you tell them this or that."  Or, more accurately, "What a hypocrite." They are right of course.

Yesterday I pondered these things at adoration, recalling the Gospel of the rich young man from just a few days ago.  I cringed thinking how I so often imagined myself to have given up money and honors, good jobs, good friends, even family.... as well as having kept all the commandment since my youth - when in actual fact, I've only been able to keep the commandments since my last confession and the point to where I needed to go again.  As far as giving stuff up and trampling the world underfoot - what a delusion - I've either taken things back or found ways to fill the void.

Former acquaintances know these things about me.

"He who praises you deceives you." -John of the Cross quoting Isaiah.

"For they that are such serve not our Lord Christ, but their own belly; and by their smooth and fair speech they beguile the hearts of the innocent." - Roman 16:18  (Talking about me here.)

*The Good Thief rebukes me.


  1. Just this morning Fr. U said that we aren't hypocrites when we proclaim Church teaching to the world, even teaching with which we struggle. If that were the case, he said we'd never be able to speak on morality.

    1. Thanks Nan - Ubel is right - and I know that too - I just want to acknowledge my friends who despise me. Fr. Delp said something similar to Fr. Ubel: "Futility or ineffectiveness do not dispense one from speaking the truth, declaring what is wrong, and standing for what is right and just."

      Isn't that cool? See how holy Fr. Ubel is!


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