Thursday, October 18, 2012

The 'Feeder Feed'

Has anyone else missed it?

I have.  Fr. Z hasn't been posting his feeder feed series lately.  I miss the bird's eye view of Fr.'s wild-life.  What?

I thought about it last Sunday and today as I have noticed hundreds of robins around the neighborhood.  I did not take any photos, but they are here.  They are either on their way south or Minneapolis has become the new wintering habitat for robins.  Global warming would explain it.

Garden experts say global warming is responsible for changing plant hardiness zones, so I'm sure the robins have adjusted their migratory habits accordingly.


  1. Perhaps, with rising food prices, feeding funds are being diverted to feed himself. With the exchange rate the way it is, I can only imagine how costly it is to eat dumplings in the UK.

  2. Strangely enough they usually remain all winter here in Kentucky and yet I haven't seen ANY.........maybe they heard about the gathering in Minneapolis.

  3. Terry, I doubt that plant hardiness has anything to do with robin migration since they don't eat plants, only worms. Of course, they nest in trees to lay their eggs, but I don't think that is year-round.

  4. Hi Terry: if you are going to use my drawings to illustrate your blog posts without asking me first, please at least spell my name correctly. Thanks.

    1. My apologies for the typo Mr. Skully - I will correct it. I apologize for not asking your permission as well - I allow others to use my art on their blogs without asking permission, and always appreciate it when they link to the original when doing so. Forgive me for being so presumptuous, I'll take care of the problem right away.


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