Saturday, October 20, 2012

Behind the same sex marriage front.

Two steps forward, one step back...

Win or lose the ss marriage ballot at the voting booth, GLBTQ is an established fact of life these days.  Two steps forward, one step back: 'gay' is now part of every day language - little kids get it and know what it means.

Even the 'churches'...

For quite a while now, evangelical Christians have been able to take for granted that "gay affirming" theology and pastoral practice is the preserve of liberal, mainline denominations. But what Justin’s book forces us to recognize is that many people inside the evangelical movement—who are otherwise very traditional in doctrine and practice—are experiencing a shift in their convictions about homosexuality. I don’t presume to know what this might mean for the future of evangelicalism, but I think it’s a significant point to observe. - The love we dare not ignore.
In the late 19th century 'the love that dare not speak its name' was an euphemism for homosexuality... evidently today it is 'the love we dare not ignore.'

Even in the churches. 

In one of the local television ads supported by the St. Paul/MPLS Archdiocese, Kalley Yanta, a Catholic, asserts; people have "a right to love who they choose, but nobody has a right to redefine marriage."  A right to love who they choose - now that is a notable shift in convictions about homosexual relationships.


  1. Here's the first and most horrible disconnect:

    Love is not a right--it's a privilege. We are privileged to love someone. Pretty much, that is it--for romantic love at any rate. Unrequited love seems to turn, sooner or later, to bitterness and resentment. Love is not a right.

    Neither is sex a right--I f we had a "right" to sex, then people would not have a right to say no.

    If we had a right to marry who we choose, then how would the two rights of two people be resolved when He want's to marry her, and she wants to marry the other guy?

    No, love and marriage are not rights. One is a privilege, the other is a vocation.

  2. "little kids get it and know what it means."

    And those who scandalize little children? Theirs is a sinful act that cries out to heaven for vengeance.


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