Wednesday, October 17, 2012

When you come to serve the Lord...

Prepare yourself for trials.

"How narrow is the gate and straight the way that leads to life.  And few there are who find it." - Mt. 7:14

I know a guy who has changed religions as often as most people change long distance plans - I took the long distance bit from a 2008 article on how often Americans change their religious affiliations.  Sadly, the problem with the guy I'm thinking of is that he has issues with being gay.  Who doesn't?  Everyone has issues with gay people.  At one time the poor guy was happy with being LGBT and Catholic, then he became SSA and Catholic, then none of the above, only to become 'why I'm not gay and Catholic' -  although at some point before all of that, Protestant and married, and then gay, and then Catholic.  Now he's Anglican.  Fitting in, finding acceptance, accepting Catholic teaching - all very challenging for... gosh...  I don't even know what to call it anymore - many people.  Anyway, he used to be a minister at one time as well.  That can be a huge difficulty for former ministers - they no longer have that sense of 'authority' or position of autonomy to boost their sense of self-worth.

We need to remember the Church isn't a country club, it isn't a cozy blognic.  People aren't always nice, or welcoming, much less accepting or supportive.  This person is another casualty in the Catholic blogosphere; once praised as heroic, proud of his stats, and a staunch defender of Catholic teaching - he left. 

We must guard our faith.  We must be faith-full.  The real body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ is really, truly present in the Blessed Sacrament, the Eucharist.  No other sect can claim that. Keep the faith - give up everything else, but not the Holy Faith.  Martyrs shed their blood just for being faithful to the Pope.


  1. I think his heart will be restless until it rests in Him.

  2. I remember years ago when I in my disordered mind thought that I was in a sort of "forced exile" from Holy Mother Church because she "accept for who I was". I remember someone calling me out on my delusion. I was terribly upset when he did. I laugh about it now. There is nothing easy in about it:

    "Take up thy Cross," the Savior said,
    "if thou wouldst my disciple be;
    deny thyself, the world forsake,
    and humbly follow after me."

    Take up thy cross, let not its weight
    fill thy weak spirit with alarm;
    his strength shall bear thy spirit up,
    and brace thy heart and nerve thine arm.

    Take up thy cross, nor heed the shame,
    nor let thy foolish pride rebel;
    thy Lord for thee the cross endured,
    to save thy soul from death and hell.

    Take up thy cross and follow Christ,
    nor think till death to lay it down;
    for only those who bear the cross
    may hope to wear the glorious crown.

  3. yet another reason i don't like door greeters at church. leave me alone. i don't need to feel welcomed (it's all false anyway, if they only, really knew me). blah blah blah.

    so how's your day, ter bear?


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