Thursday, August 23, 2012

Michael Voris on Fr. Bob and the normalization of homosexuality in the Catholic Church


I wrote about Fr. Bob Pierson and the Catholic pro-gay-marriage problem here, here, here.  And more recently here.    Evidently not with enough vehemence however.  I'm told I'm an 'a-2 toady for Collegeville'.  Yet again, I must ask - if it is so bad - and I believe it is, why doesn't the Church do anything about it?


  1. I thought of you immediately when I first saw this a few days ago. I've watched it twice and listened to Father Bob's entire talk.

    "why doesn't the Church do anything about it?"

    That's because, as Voris said, "No one is saying anything." The happy-clappy Catholics in the blogosphere would like to pretend there's not a problem. Sure didn't stop them from ripping Father Corapi a new one.

    I find it odd because Bishop Nienstedt is no pushover.

    If you Google Father Bob, you're the third hit - the first being the Huffington Post and the second one the Youtube video of his complete talk.

    Voris is right. Father Bob has become the darling of the lefties, both Catholic and non-Catholic. That Google search bears that out as you can witness page after page of leftie sights singing his praises and there are no voices (other than you and Voris saying a thing to defend real Catholic teaching

    I've been struggling for several days over whether to post on this.

    1. Well I think maybe you should post on it - if the fact no one is saying anything is the problem.

  2. I think people are complaining and have been for some time. The trouble is the answer to the complaints is for whatever reason "Shut up and ignore it."

  3. MV is right - nothing from EWTN, nothing from Catholic radio, nothing at Patheos, nothing from Ignatius Press, nothing from Our Sunday Visitor, nothing from the USCCB. All these sites and associations with wide audiences and influence - seemingly looking the other way. I looked thru the first 6 pages of Google hits, and the only 2 blogs I found who defended Church teaching is Terry's and Fr Z's. Oh - and someone started a forum at Catholic Answers.

    Makes me think that gay priests who are defiant in the face of Church teaching are to be ignored in the hope that they go away. If that's the strategy, it doesn't seem to be working.


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