Thursday, June 28, 2012

Meanwhile, who is minding the Abbey?

St. John's Abbey, Collegeville, Minnesota.

A Benedictine abbey with a very gay reputation.  I first became aware of it when I returned to the Church in the early '70's.  Their reputation goes back that far in my experience.  I've known former monks since that time who pretty much verified the rumors which circulated as regards the inner culture of the monastery.  I mention this because there is a website, Behind the Pine Curtain, which appears to document many of the alleged legal issues involving not only the culture and atmosphere at the abbey, but most especially as it involves homosexual abuse. 

With the recent news of allegations of sexual misconduct against a diocesan priest involving a young male, friends sent me another story about a Catholic youth minister and former student at SJU who is presently in the news for sexual abuse of minors as well.  The man appears to have a history of sexual abuse. 

My friends are distressed precisely because as parents they do not know how to protect children from predators, not to mention erroneous teaching.  Catholic parents entrust their children to Catholic institutions, trusting they will be in a safe environment, and taught authentic Catholic doctrine - and then stories like these continue to emerge.   Recent history suggests St. John's harbored deviants of the kind which the author of Behind The Pine Curtain attempts to expose, suggesting to me that a disordered culture may continue to flourish within an institution, considered by some "too big to fail".  Perhaps explaining why the richly endowed, alumni-supported St. John's at Collegeville has 'gotten away' with so much in the last few decades until now:  Right under the nose of the local bishops of the place.  (Currently, Bishop Kinney (1995- present), who recently announce his resignation having reached the canonical age.)

From Behind the Pine Curtain:

Former St. Joseph Youth Minister Arrested

Matthew “Matti” Feeney, former youth minister at St. Joseph Church in St. Joseph, Minnesota was arrested this morning. [ View ]
In 1992, Feeney was convicted of Criminal Sexual Conduct (4th Degree), for an incident involving a member of the St. Joseph Church community.   - read more

Minnesota Monastery Gone Wild

MINNESOTA, June 21, 2012 ( —Collegeville, Minnesota’s notoriously liberal Benedictine community of St. John’s Abbey is in the spotlight once again as one of its monks urges Catholics to oppose the cause for true marriage.
On June 10th, openly homosexual priest Fr. Bob Pierson, the guest-master at St. John’s, told over 200 people at a Methodist church in Edina, Minneapolis, that “Catholics can vote no” on Minnesota’s proposed constitutional amendment prohibiting gay marriage. Pierson, who styled himself an “LGBT ally”, made his case by selectively quoting the Catechism of the Catholic Church and voicing disagreement with the Vatican on certain issues. - read more


  1. "parents they do not know how to protect children from predators,"

    Very true. But places like St. John's are not the problem. St. John's is a wolf in wolf's clothing.

    St. John's ceased being Catholic long ago, and no one considers it Catholic. The problem are all the organizations and priests that do come across as orthodox, but are wolves in sheep's clothing.

  2. i clicked on the link & read some of the deeds perpetrated (allegedly or actually) by some of these men and i only got past like 4 or 5 and just got sick to my stomach.

    how does it come to this? no one says, "gee when i get older, i cannot wait to molest kids."

    pray for the victims but don't forget to pray for these men, in such dire need of mercy and transformation.

    anything is possible with God.

  3. My grandson Joshua Guimond went missing from St. John's Collegeville Mn in on Nov 9th 2002, we highly suspect one or more of the monks are involved, but the Sheriff of Stearns County will not help at all.
    Also go to
    for more about St John's
    The sheriff will not tell us anything always saying its an ongoing investigation. We need your help.

    Bob Guimond Grandpa


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