Friday, August 24, 2012

The Feast of St. Bartholomew

St Bartholomew suffered martyrdom after he had been flayed - skinned alive.  Some sources claim he was then crucified, others that he was beheaded.  In memory of the flaying, some Italians include dishes made from wide, flat pasta, such as taglierini, as part of their feast day specialties.

BTW - if you have weight problems - Bartholomew is the saint to go to for shedding pounds - or putting weight on.  He's worked miracles associated with weighing things...

Bonus question:  If they flay you, are you still naked?  Is that good or bad nudity?  What?

Extra credit:  Weather Lore from the Widow's Weeds:
8/24 - As Bartholomew's Day, so the whole autumn.

If Bartelmy's day be fair and clear,
Hope for a prosperous autumn that year.

Saint Bartholomew's mantle wipes dry
All the tears that Saint Swithin can cry.

Saint Bartholomew brings the cold dew.

If it rains on Bartholomew's Day, it will rain the forty days after.

Thunderstorms after Bartholomew's Day are more violent.

If the morning begins with a hoar frost, the cold weather can be soon expected, and a hard winter.


  1. 12:01 am? You are so ahead of the curve.

    1. Isn't that a curious time though?

  2. Interesting, Mr. Nelson. I never thought of St. Bart as the patron of weight watching.

    "Dear St. Bart, please help me not to use up all my diet plan's points for the week on one gigantic bowl of ice cream. Which is sitting in front of me... calling me to temptation... aw, heck. Amen."

    1. It is said many of his miracles have had something to do with the weight of objects - so I thought why not?

  3. +JMJ+

    Oh, crap. It rained today.

    1. At least there wasn't a hoar frost.


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