Thursday, July 26, 2012

Blog is dead.

The 'new wave' of Ham Radio.
"Can-it Babe!"

Catholic bloggers complaining about low traffic levels, comments, and stats.

"It's a crisis in the making!"  Stated a well-know blogger, famous for his money making apps attached to his website. 

It's just not the bloggers - the advertisers are worried too, one woman promoting online donation schemes complained:  "It's patheotic!  It's almost like a famine... near-Biblical proportions!"   

What's happening?

Lack of originality?  Too many copy-cat posts?  Too much people pleasing and wanting to impress others with posts about stuff people already knew but had forgotten?  Or are people getting sick of  sensationalizing stories the MSM has already finished with?  (Dark Knight - so last week.)  Too much holier-than-thou conversion stories?  Not enough exposes and scandal mongering?  Too much drinking and blogging?  The experts aren't sure.

Aside from the demise of any credible or meaningful Blogger Awards competition, I'd say the economy is partly to blame.  People are losing their Internet connections: they can no longer afford computers.  They might have lost their homes, their cars, their jobs, their families, their credibility, and now, finally, they've lost their web access.  That's what I tell myself anyway.  Although many people are probably just on vacation, and many more just aren't interested.

Anyway, the blog is dead.  I think Ham Radio is where it's at today!

For Rent!
[Speaking of vacations!]
This lovely, right-on-the-North-Shore
 canned-ham trailer hideaway
is available for rent next week!
Sleeps 8 priests comfortably,
and roomy enough for conferences.

That's just about it!


  1. One of your best. ;)

    1. Thanks Thom. It means so much. :)

  2. and it comes with a pink flamingo, too!

  3. ROFL!!!!

    Too funny!

  4. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Terry, you are a riot!


  5. and its "right-on-the-north-shore"!! good is that?! I don't see any folding chairs (for conferences)are they behind the camper? This isn't by Lutsen by chance is it? cause that would WAY over the top.

  6. OH.MY.GOSH!!! That's exactly what I told my hubby about people dropping their internet due to cost.

    The other thing is really rather funny. Ever since one of my lady blogger decor types posted their redo on their little vintage travel trailer a few days ago, I've actually thought it would be fun to have one. I've been looking at them all over the net. Although one with windows would be preferred the one you have pictured is pretty cute. Windows can be added.

  7. Anonymous9:01 PM

    It's just summer. Who wants to stare at a screen when you could be at the beach?

    Mark Shea

  8. It is dead? and I was just about to start doing it again.
    Cept with tighter jeans.
    neon sneakers.
    clever looking glasses,
    and ironic facial hair.


  9. I blame Facebook.

    For everything - including canned ham trailers.

  10. Actually it was Twitter's fault yesterday.

  11. Adrienne, I bet you already own a can opener so it would be easy to cut out a window!



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