Thursday, July 26, 2012

Vatican calls for action against climate change...

Breaking:  The Vatican’s annual message for World Tourism Day is devoted to the theme of sustainable energy, arguing that “tourism not only contributes to global warming: it is also a victim of it.” - Catholic World News

Oh.  Tourists - it's the tourists then.  World Tourism Day - they have a day for everything, don't they Gloria?


  1. Isn't there a War on Tourism?

  2. Jaime8:28 AM

    It saddens me every time the Vatican issues statements like this. They do nothing to enhance the Church's teaching authority on doctrine and morals. Instead the water down that authority by making it look as though the Vatican just wants to grab some Press time. We all know how good Christians should behave -- with love and respect for our brothers and sisters, and for the earth God gave us to tend. This embellishment is the kind of tripe best left to Eurobureaucrats in Strassburg or Brussels.

  3. Amen, Jaime!

  4. Sustainability is a matter of "faith and morals."

  5. Michael Ruppert wrote about this long before it became fashionable. Look what "they" did to him. Just sayin.


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