Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Disaster preparedness update...

Catfood breadline.

People are talking about it.

Even Fr. Z posted something - again - today.  Donating blood.  The blood supply.  This is like the threehundredandsixtyfifth emergency preparedness post he has done.  Remember the others?  "What would you grab if you had to evacuate the house right now?"  "I'm going for my Ham radio license."  "I was thinking of taking paramedic training."  "I'm building a fall-out shelter in the Cotswold's."  And now:  "Blood!"  What the hayel?

A day or so ago, a friend alerted me by high-priority email that Costco is selling "emergency supply kits for a month" - not a bad idea, really.  Check it out here.  All Target sells is Gay Pride crap.

Adrienne and Howard are opening up bed and breakfast fall-out shelters on their mountain-view estate, while satellite photos caught Larry and his wife Maebelle building a bunker under the lake in their back yard - they big shots in Michigan, you know.

If something goes down, I'm packing up the cats and heading out to Idaho to stay with Adrienne and the rest of the militia. 

Idaho cat militia.


  1. You're always welcome here. The barn is 20x40, although a bit crisp in the winter. You can stay in my office during the cold months. I figure we let Erica the kitteh in when it got cold (where she has stayed ever since), so it would be very uncharitable not to let you in, too. Just don't bring any dead mice with you.

    You did notice, of course, that Father Z has very, very rare blood. Heh...

    P.S. It's Harold not Howard (but not to worry - it's a common mistake because people just don't want to believe their are people actually named Harold.) Before I came along everyone called him Harry - which is even worse.

  2. "there" are - not their. Why is it we do our best editing right after hitting the publish button. One of the mysteries of life...

    1. I used Howard to protect your identities.

  3. You jest but our family has a disaster plan and meeting location. We have bug out bags at the house and 2 in the trunk of the car. If history repeats itself, and it does, you can never be sure of your safety or freedoms. It's not living in fear, it's being prepared for any emergency situation, not exclusively zombie apocalypses and marshal law... fires, earthquakes, plague outbreaks and gov't evacuations.

    1. I make light of it - but I'm really taking Fr. Z serious now - anyway - I do think I'll stock up on cat food and litter. I might go back to drinking too.

      See, I don't know how to talk sanely - so I think they'll leave me alone.

  4. "What would you grab if you had to evacuate the house right now?"

    My Children.

    What should Fr. Z. grab?

    His traveling mass kit. and his sandals.

  5. Adrienne, My children use to think God's name was Harold, as in "Harold be thy name."

    (Mr.Terry, stop over and take a peek at my sculpture project. I'm not fishing for a compliment, I just wanted to show it to you... for fun. (Don't expect much or you'll be disappointed.)

    I inhaled a lot of paint for the love of art.

  6. I'd grab something shiny and go.

  7. There's definately something to be said for preparedness. My dad's cousin was prepared for Y2K and I KNOW she's got YEARS worth of home canned food in the cellar. Montana is a good place to go to hide. I actually know a place down the road from my parents in the badlands where no one would ever find you. I always felt safe there growing up.

  8. Anonymous11:54 AM

    T, have you ever seen this video by an elderly (now deceased) Orthodox monk? I love what he says about children, how they have complete trust in God.....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5owjLHPM0U&feature=relmfu


  9. I'm going with servus. I hear he cooks.

  10. The Walmart here has "emergency ration"-type food kits, for example one has a month's worth of breakfasts for four people. I suspect that this has less to do with actual emergency preparedness and more to do with the fact that I'm in Alaska, and what other people call an "emergency" like not having groceries shipped in for a whole month is just normal life for some people up here.


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