Thursday, June 14, 2012

Catholic Merchandising Concepts

Design spec: Translate/sculpt figures after live photo of dance troupe; insert dramatic Christ dance figure - elevated as if levitating or enacting a pas de chat; engineer to spin in place.  Construction: resin with wood base.

Christ Glee figures...

I think it can work, and it may help put an end to bullying too.  The intent here is to help educate children to be more accepting of their peers who have more refined sensitivities and aesthetic tastes.

Presented here a few prototypes I've been thinking of, tweaking the art a bit, but with a commitment to the classic kitsch style so popular these days.  Please read the notes for each offering.

I'm looking for a financial backer to launch this new business. 

Design spec:  Change children figures to dance leotards, levitate Christ figure in a pirouette - with hair pulled back in chignon, add musical app to ensemble, playing "Maniac" from "Flashdance".

Design spec:  Ensemble is close to perfect for ssa kids; dancers need to be made available as two boys in dance costume as well.

Note:  I was unable to have original prototypes available for view, due to copyright pending, therefore, I've used existing figures from another manufacturer to illustrate the concept.  My apologies.


Same-sex wedding cake toppers!
-Hair color choices available.
-With and without make-up.
-Male figures not shown, 
available in men's tuxedos only -
interchangeable with
female figures too!


  1. I am laughing OUT LOUD. Did I say OUT LOUD?

  2. Terry, you really have one of the most unique sense of humor I have ever come across. God bless you, my friend!


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