Thursday, May 17, 2012

One handle quickly getting bloggered...

Make a list.

Everyone is doing top 10 lists or some other numeric punch list style post these days...
10 things Catholics do to attract attention to themselves.
4 ways to make people think you are perfect.
3 little piggy things to do at coffee and donuts.
13 things I did before my conversion that I think are still kinda cool.
7 dos and don't for making an impression at the March for ______.
15 ways to monetize your parish Facebook page and pocket the $ yourself.
3 ways to tell if your wife is in that NFP kinda mood.
5 things to do to your non-participating Do the Red Say the Black pastor.
50 ways to leave your lover and come back to the Church.
It's all the rage.  Actually it's more Ladies Home Journal cover copy than anything.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.


  1. "15 ways monetize your parish Facebook page and pocket the $ yourself."

    My favorite.

  2. You forgot one: 8 NCReporter headlines I hope I never see.



    1. I promise, I never even thought of that.

    2. I know. Just joshing ya

  3. Disclaimer: No Cathliked bloggers were singled out in this post - I am just noting a trend I've seen on New Advent. (Head tilt, really sweet smile.)


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