Thursday, May 17, 2012

Big News: New York Times Scoop - Secret Catholic Same-Sex Unions.

You think?

A big deal is being made about one uncorroborated sentence in a news story, claiming "This is a major news story, buried deep in a related news report.":
The Roman Catholic Church teaches that homosexual behavior is a sin, but there are Catholic priests who secretly bless gay unions.* - Source
Holy s--t hit the fan. 

For decades there have been Catholic priests approving of sexually active homosexuals, actively contracepting married couples, as well as priests giving the green light to the sacraments for divorced and remarried Catholics, and not just the Kennedys either.

So, does it really surprise anyone that a gay priest just might bless a same-sex union in defiance of Catholic teaching?  I can't prove that it ever happened - which is pretty much the point of the Matt article, but I'll bet it has been done.  If it has happened, it doesn't make it licit or valid BTW. 

What could you do if it was your pastor?
  1.  Talk to him about it - if you have proof - but he won't listen.
  2.  Report him to the proper authorities - if you have proof - like his bishop.
  3.  Report him to the Vatican dicastery in charge of that stuff - if you have proof.
  4.  If, after all of that, he remains as pastor you can: Continue to attend Mass and sacraments because these remain valid despite the sins of the priest.  Or maybe just look for a new parish.
  5. After you get over the shock and awe and anger, pray for the conversion of sinners - if you can't bring yourself to pray for the priest or the deluded couple, praying for the conversion of sinners should cover it.

 *To be fair, the author is taking issue with the NYT for not verifying its sources when publishing the information.  I'm addressing the irony that Catholics would be surprised by the 'news', considering how in these days we have pro-choice women religious and Catholic politicians, while Catholic women attempt ordination to the priesthood, priests father kids out of wedlock, and so on.  That said, I wouldn't look to the New York Times for accurate coverage of Roman Catholic - ever.


  1. This has been happening for decades. Why would anyone be surprised by this? I mean the rot goes fairly deep into the stump. There are branches and green shoots around the base but the tree has long since fallen.

  2. Any, one besides me, have two little cities come to mind when they read that?

  3. We know it - but evidently others do don't. Go figure.

  4. Do you live in Sodom or is it Gomorrah? When did you move?

    1. I wish I could do 'sound' comments.

    2. BTW Nan, why do you hate Emily Litella?


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