Friday, March 02, 2012

St. Angela of the Cross

While looking for a saint for the day I came across the recently canonized Spanish Foundress, Angela of the Cross.  I'm normally not attracted to foundress saints, but St. Angela is particularly striking for me.  She lived an authentically poor life, a little life, completely dedicated to the poor.  Perhaps a little like Blessed Mother Teresa, yet without International notoriety.  Her vocation was to be  "poor with the poor in order to bring them to Christ".  I understand that her religious order, Sisters of the Company of the Cross, continues to flourish in Spain. 
These Sisters of the Company of the Cross, under the guidance of Angela, named "Mother Angela of the Cross", lived an authentically recluse contemplative life when they were not among the poor. Once they returned to their home, they dedicated themselves to prayer and silence, but were always ready when needed to go out and serve the poor and dying. Mother Angela saw the sisters as "angels", called to help and love the poor and sick in their homes who otherwise would have been abandoned. - A short biography of St. Angela may be found here at Catholic Online.
The sisters continue to wear the original habit.


  1. Hi Terry - thanks for the photo and information, I have never heard of her, either. Doesn't she look beautiful, and really bright, too. I Love Sister Consolata Betrone, her picture ( there are two I have seen, on line ) just knocks me out. seriously - stops me dead in my tracks - and her small prayer is such a salvation prayer - when you can't do anything else - there it is -
    Regards, Lou

  2. I'm assuming they are franciscan?


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